The Danieli Trimming And Rewinding Line Project Has Been Completed Successfully

On March 19th, the Danieli-Italy team came to BOYA to inspect one tension leveling and edge trimming rewinding line before delivery, the max trimming speed 720m/min and max tension leveling speed 600m/min both been tested successfully and meet the technical requirements. This was the perfect conclusion of the manufacturing phase of this special project, which had lasted nearly a year.

In May 2017, Italy Danelli Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a contract with BOYA for tension leveling rewinding line after a long time of investigation and comparison. The end-user of this line is JSW which is one of the biggest steel groups in Inda, JSW put forward high requirement for this line which the max trimming speed come to 720m/min, until that time there no any supplier from China had achieved so high-speed edge rewinding line, in front of BOYA is an opportunity also challenge.  Under the encourage and support from president Mr Li, BOYA people took this challenge with boutique conception and craftsman mind.  In line with the goal of being responsible for customers, striving to be the first in China and the leading in the world, in order to ensure the successful cooperation with the Danieli team this time, BOYA organized a special project management team to strictly supervise the whole process of this project form out-sourcing, production to quality control etc.

The Daniela Trimming And Rewinding Line Project

This tension leveling and edge trimming rewinding line is mainly used after the Double stand mill to process the tinplate material, the main function includes:  Improve flatness and surface quality, inspection material, trimming edge etc. The various functions and configurations of this line are all top level of the international market, operation easy, maintenance conveniently.  In coming material thickness is 0.12~0.6mm, width 600~1450mm, Y.S≤600MPa, Line Speed ≤720m/min.  

The characteristics of this line are :

  1. High trimming edge speed which the similar line in the world general below 600 m/min; 

  2. High leveling speed, the max leveling speed reaches 600m/min which the similar line in the world is below 500 m/min; 

  3. Line is high automation, easy operation and convenient maintaining. It greatly reduces the number of operators and provides the effect of high production efficiency. The line can load and thread, welding, set data parameter, discharge material automatically; 

  4. Tension leveler machine had a significant breakthrough in high-speed spare parts and intelligent control to make sure the advanced leveler in the international market;

  5. The edge trimmer is driven by a servo valve which has high precision and transmission very stable. And edge trimmer can be set or reset according to process material automatically;

  6. Line adopts EMG steering system to guarantee the stability when running high speed;

  7. The unit adopts SIEMENS all-digital AC frequency conversion control system, closed-loop control and display.  Operational images, dynamic processes, faults, diagnostics and online monitoring can all be displayed on the HIM screen;

  8. The line was tested in BOYA commissioning are before delivery, reduced the erection and debugging time on customer site,  guarantee the qualification of delivery products,  solved the worries of customers.  

The Daniela Trimming And Rewinding Line Project


Since the start of Daneli trimming and rewinding unit project in May 2017, the relevant departments of the company have been innovating and collaborating and actively carrying out various work.  Technical center carefully checks and recognize customer requirement, Project Manager Mr Liang and technical department head Mr Liu Yubo organized design, recheck, auditing meeting many times, to verify and confirm all the drawings, at last release to plant for manufacture.  Also very appreciated Danieli expeditors,  Mr Ganwenzhi and Mr Jiangweizhang who stayed in BOYA and joined us together to supervise the quality of this line.

Some equipment of this project needs to be outsourced, such as uncoiler, welder, notcher, hydraulic system, etc.  In order to make the outsourced equipment not delay the whole project schedule, we made the QCP <<Quality Control Plan>> to manage and track the design, processing and production process of all equipment.  


At the beginning of 2018, all the individual equipment that participated in the on-line test had been done.  Under the lead of Mr Wu, the line began the intense pre-delivery test work. The before delivery is a very key step to guarantee the smooth commission in customer site. This is a hard process, all relative cut to length machine will be tested one by one first, then integrated together for complete line testing. Problems exposed when testing must be solved inside BOYA plant, from erection, piping, connection, testing to improve and solve problem, finally after two months all issues had been solved and all performance had achieved successfully. 

The Daniela Trimming And Rewinding Line Project


What a great job! BOYA people worked together to fulfill the promise to customer, the challenge of max 720 had realized,  the max tension leveling speed 600 MPM also had reached, this not meet customer requirement but beyond.  

The timely completion of this project is the result of BOYA's practice of "boutique strategy", which has refreshed the new height of BOYA equipment manufacturing and created a new benchmark of BOYA boutique equipment.

(We sincerely give our thanks to Danieli team espeical Mr Lorenzo , Mr Gan Wenzhi, Mr Jiangweizhang, Mr Li Jianwei. Thanks for the trusty and support to BOYA.) 

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