Galvanizing Machine

Galvanizing Machine

Galvanized line roller coating machine is an integrated product of mechanical and electrical control. According to the process requirements, two main bodies and three stations combined roll coater machine can be configured to achieve rapid non-stop switching of continuous units, so as to meet the needs of various switching and equipment maintenance. It can provide a feeding system to realize automatic solution supply and recovery.  

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Application Scope of Coaters For Galvanizing Line


Material Thickness

Material Width

Line Speed

Galvanized Sheet




Structure advantage of Coaters For Galvanizing Line

  • According to the process demand, configured with two bodies and three work stations combined type coater to achieve rapid non-stop switching of continuous line, so as to meet the needs of switching for variety material and coil coating equipment maintenance requirement.

  • The main body of coil coaters can be configured according to the process requirements to vertical type or horizontal type, also can be configured according to the process requirements to two rollers coating or three rollers coating.

  • BOYA Roller coaters are equipped with automatic or manual roller gap adjustment mechanism, at the same time equipped with pressure sensor which can effectively control the film thickness.

  • Roller Coaters are equipped with quick roll change device and safety protection device to ensure roll change quickly under the premise of safe operation.

  • Can supply feeding system to realize solution automatically supply and recycle.

  • BOYA roller coaters are integrated Electromechanical hydraulic control products, equipped with reliable Siemens control system and optimized process adjustment template, can effectively ensure stable quality of product.

What Is The The Main Role of Chemical Coater In Hot Dip Galvanizing Line?

Hot dip galvanizing line is an important production line of cold rolled sheet, mainly producing high-grade electrical appliance sheet and automobile sheet. The hot dip galvanizing line process is complicated, many factors affecting the product quality of the coil coating equipment, among which the roller coating machine is the hot dip galvanizing line after the plating of the core equipment.  Its function and structure are related to the quality and performance of galvanized strip after plating. The function of vertical chemical roller coating machine is to roll coating passivation liquid or fingerprint resistant liquid on one or both sides of galvanized strip steel, forming a layer of passivation film or fingerprint resistant film on the surface of galvanized strip steel, improving the coating performance and corrosion resistance of the surface. So as to prolong the service life of galvanized strip.

What's the Advantage of BOYA Roll Coaters?

  • High manufacturing accuracy;

  • Easy maintenance, can realize the rapid replacement of roller;

  • The targeted improvement according to users' on-site using condition;

  • Designed with a pressure sensor, frequency conversion motor and other means to control the coating thickness;

  • Perfect electronic control program;

  • Whole process quality control system.

What Factors Should be Considered When Designing Roller Coater?

  • Equipment accuracy should be high enough (design accuracy, manufacturing accuracy, installation accuracy);

  • The form of roll coater machine should be reasonable (two rolls/three rolls, vertical/horizontal, single-layer guide rail/multi-layer guide rail);

  • Precise adjustment of coating thickness (roller speed adjustment, roller speed ratio adjustment, pressure adjustment, coating and strip Angle);

  • The convenience of solution replacement (the tray should be able to rise and fall freely);

  • Fast and efficient roller replacement (quick change structure);

  • Safety protection (safety rope switch and other safety measures).

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