Precision Leveler

Precision Leveler

BOYA multi-roll leveler is the core equipment of finishing process in metallurgical hot and cold rolling mill. By repeatedly bending and convex straightening of the strip, the strip can be straightened with high strength and precision; Widely used in high strength steel, precision steel strip, non-ferrous metal strip.

Features of Precision Leveler

Frame archway and pressure reducer box for the integral frame structure, high machining accuracy, good rigidity.

  • The upper roller system presses down the worm gear screw reducer mechanism with a worm drive two worm gear, compact structure, transmission  High dynamic accuracy.

  • The whole roller system is a box structure, which can be quickly pulled out and pushed in from the main body of the machine.

  • The structure of the roller change frame is simple, and it is easy, fast, stable and reliable to move the roller system through the reducer and chain.

  • The equipment is equipped with an automatic roll change program, the switch to roll change program can realize automatic roll change, 23pcs ball cage couplings can realize automatic alignment and docking with the output shaft of the gear distribution box.

  • Complete electronic control system, complete detection components, high control and detection accuracy.

  • The speed of the leveler can be controlled by the feedback of the motor encoder. Straightening machine.

  • With the roller system grinding program, after the new roller system is installed, directly input the new roller diameter value.  And click "repair grinding

  • "Compensation" can automatically calculate the new zero place without mechanical change.

Types of Precision Leveler

Multi-roll Tension Leveler Working Principle And Application?


The multi-roll leveling roller has a considerable number of staggered leveler rollers, which can cause continuous and repeated bending deformation of the strip.  The process of leveling is to compress the long fiber in the deformed strip and stretch the short fiber to produce plastic deformation and achieve the consistency of fiber length. In this way, the wavy defect of the strip can be eliminated and the quality of the strip can be improved.


Multi-roll leveler is mainly used in cut to length line, rewinding line and sheet leveling line of ferrous metallurgy and non-ferrous metallurgy industry, it is important equipment for strip leveling process in iron and steel, aluminum, copper and other industries.

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