Baosteel Drum Fly Shear Revamping Successfully In Boya

With unremitting efforts, BOYA company has successfully supplied more than 20 sets of metal processing machine to Baosteel Group in recent years. All we see are flowers and applause, but the pressure and hard work behind them are unknown to us. The road to success is never plain sailing. There will be ups and downs, twists and turns, and setbacks. But there has a team, they silently stick to their position, always put the interests and reputation of the company in the first place, never afraid of difficulties, withstand the pressure to implement projects of Baosteel smoothly!

Coincidentally with Baosteel drum flying shear send to BOYA plant for revamping, by the chance to experience the whole process, I was touched deeply by BOYA team work.

On 6th August 2018, the company received the requirement from Baosteel to modify a drum flying shear, as the shear is very crucial in the process line, Baosteel can only give 15 days to BOYA from the shear reach BOYA workshop. This almost an impossible task! See BOYA team how to work?

Li Xin, the manager of the boutique business department, quickly called together people to set up a special team for the project. Deng Tingquan, who is familiar with products, processing, production and management, took the lead, and Wu Huatao, the chief designer, Yi Ping and Zhang Shiyun, the technologist, were in charge of the technology. Head of spare parts and equipment plant Jiang Jianhua, Liu Jie were responsible for the production link. All relative people are ready at their position. At the start of the project, Mr. Li Xin repeatedly emphasized the importance of this matter, and personally analyzed the technical points of the reform, and put forward clear requirements on the quality and node control of the reform work!

Baosteel Drum Fly Shear Revamping


"Food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses."  Before the equipment arrive plant, the team already started preparatory work, Mr Wu Huatao Organize the meeting to discuss the revamping plan. Mr Deng communicated with Baosteel to confirm the revamped content. Technicians started drawing the drawings; The team did all the preparation work in advance as much as possible to win valuable time for the bearing repair. All people were working hard to race against the time! 

The modification of the flying sher shaft and the processing of the blade were the two key points of the reform work. The two parts were not only required high processing accuracy, difficult to process, took a longer production timer, but also involve the need for outsourcing chrome plating and quenching process.  In addition to the work that equipment plant itself can undertake, the roll factory had to undertake the chrome plating of the cutter shaft, the quenching of the blade, and it had to undertake the ageing treatment, the turning, the grinding shaft, the tooling shaft and the grinding cutting edge, which were also very critical!  It could be said that without the strong support of the roll factory, the restructuring work is difficult to complete on time with quality and quantity guaranteed.  Due to the work processed in two plants simultaneously, in order to communicate timely and effectively, the team set up an online "flying shear emergency treatment" group.  


On line group provided the guarantee for technology, production, outsourcing and other links communication, but the implementation of the work still depended on the strong executive power of multiple personnel to ensure.  In the critical moment, our model workers, pacesetters, backbone engineers all participated in this work wholeheartedly, reflecting the outstanding professional quality of BOYA employees that dare to fight a hard battle at a critical moment.


With Wu Huatao, Yi Ping as the representative of the technical team, they made the most reasonable, effective plan easy to implement in the shortest time!  


The management team, represented by Jiang Jianhua and Liu Jie, actively mobilized department followers to work hard from beginning to end.  


The production team, represented by Cui Taibin, Li Hao, Han Jianjun and other key members of the roll factory, were responsible for close communication with the outsourcing manufacturers on one hand, and on the other hand, they closely monitored the progress of the three major pieces of flying shear, from arranging production shifts by special personnel to multi-party transfer of parts.  


The production team represented by Cheng Wei and Wu Zhengcheng in Equipment Factory were the backbone that had grown up from the front line.  In order to ensure the quality and progress "zero error", they stayed in the front line and kept their eyes to every key piece, every critical control point and sometimes personally guided the operation!  

Baosteel Drum Fly Shear Revamping

The assembly team represented by Meng zhi qiang, from the moment fly shear was unloaded in BOYA plant they began the intense work for dismantling, cleaning, measuring, and cooperation with technicians repeatedly disassembling, debugging, testing, commissioning, the success revamping of the flying shear consisted their sweat, grittiness and perseverance. 

What touched me the most was a photo posted in the group on the morning of August 24, which showed that the time of taking the photo was 2:04 AM.  In the photo, Mr Wu and Mr Deng lied on the rack of flying shear they were still tracking the accurate detection in the CNC gantry machining center, they were still thinking about the solution! 

Finally at 9:42 on August 24th, flying shear was tested successfully!  When the video of the successful cutting be posted in the group, The office was full filled with cheers and happy, all people went to the site to witness this exciting moment.


Sooner Baosteel inspection group came to BOYA for pre-delivery testing. This drum fly shear is used to cut oriented silicon steel which the material hardness is higher, cutting also more difficult than normal carbon steel, but when they saw the smoothly and continuously cutting on site, they gave thumbs-up and respect to BOYA. 

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