Types of Flat Metal Finishing Line

Flat Metal Finishing Line

BOYA is a professional supplier of strip finishing production lines, providing professional system solutions for steel, aluminum strip and other non-ferrous metal finishing production lines. We have rich domestic and foreign magnate steel enterprises performance and rich experience. We own professional capabilities for design, manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning. At the same time, we have a perfect test site and professional equipment, which can do a complete test of the whole line before dispatch, to reduce the time of on-site installation and commissioning, boya company provides complete service to ensure that users are worry-free.

Types of Flat Metal Finishing Line

Rewinding Line

BOYA has leveling rewinding line, leveling trimming rewinding line, trimming line, auto sheet inspection line and other systematic production line solutions.
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Trimming and Cross Cutting Combined Line

Aim to steel, non-ferrous metals and other industries, different specifications of strip side trimming and cross-cutting, BOYA can provide professional system solutions.
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Cleaning Line

In the field of strip surface cleaning technology, especial for aluminum strip surface clean, BOYA owns water washing, alkali washing, oil washing and other cleaning technology.
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Coil Preparation Line

BOYA provides professional and systematic solutions for strip guide before welding, break scale before galvanizing, pretreatment for silicon steel plate and other preparation lines.
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Features of Flat Metal Finishing Line

In the plate production line, the flat metal finishing line plays an important role in the production tasks. It consists of various shears that are used to complete different tasks such as head and tail trimming, side trimming, circle shear.

Cutting Shear

The cutting shears can be responsible for finishing the cutting of the head and tail of the rolling piece before trimming before and after the cooling bed (heating).

Side Trimmer

When the cutting thickness covers the entire range of 550mm, thus, the advantageous pendulum side trimming shears should be selected.

Circle Shear

It can improve the equipment performance and product quality of the wide and heavy plate rolling mill.

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