Scrap Baller

Scrap Baller

The scrap baller is an excellent choice for us to dispose of waste materials. It rolls the cut edges into a ball and recycles them, and sorts the cut edges in a simple way. The scrap baller provided by BOYA adopts a unique modular design, and its processing performance and control accuracy have reached a high level.

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Application Scope of Scrap Baller


Strip Thickness

Scrap Width


Trimming Speed

Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and copper alloys, aluminum and aluminum alloys





Structure Advantage of Scrap Baller

  • Bridle scrap baller adopts mandrel and swing frame, guide the scrap from chute of the side trimmer winding into coil. Pit not required.

  • Tension scrap baller is applicable for thicker material, high strength, convenience to winding.

  • Non-tension scrap baller adopts mandrel and follow up frame to pull scrap edge out of pit and winding, no need to stop the unit for guiding the scrap edge, saving production time and meeting the requirements of continuous production.

  • Tension scrap baller is applicable for thicker and lower strength material.

Main Components for Scrap Baller

Scrap baller consists of 5 parts: Drive part, Snuber roll, Frame Part, Fixed base, transversal shifting device.

Drive part: Drive part is composed of shift base, frequency conversion motor, scroll, frequency conversion motor drives reel rotation to rewind the scrap edge to mandrel, frequency conversion motor installed on the shift base, when need to discharge scrap ball, oil cylinder push the shift base back, take the mandrel out of scrap ball, under the action of gravity and pressure roll, scrap ball will rolling out of the scrap baller and falling into scrap pit.

Snubber roll Part: Snubber roll part consists of oil cylinder and snubber roll, when working snubber roll give pressure to scrap ball by oil cylinder, after finished winding, snubber roll will push the scrap ball out so as to ready for next winding.

Frame Part: Frame part consists of frame, mandrel support base, stop disk, cylinder, etc, mandrel insert into support base by shifting cylinder when winding, to support the cantilever end of mandrel, avoid mandrel swing during winding scrap edge and increase the using life of equipment.

Fixed Base: The fixed base is the foundation of the scrap baller. The box is welded structure with stiffened plate in the middle to improve its rigidity. The post-welding aging treatment will improve its stability.

The shift cylinder is mounted on the base, and the shift base moves left and right under the action of the cylinder to complete the preparation of coiling and uncoiling. The flat cable oil cylinder is fixed on the inlet side of the coiler, and the side guide roller pushes the side scrap edge to move left and right reciprocately, ensure that the scrap edge is wound evenly on the reel.

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