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Elite Soldiers From BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment

Mr. Wu Huatao is the manager of BOYA Quality Project Management Department. Since joining Boya, he has been engaged in the design and development of strip finishing equipment in the metallurgical industry. He has been responsible for the technical design and market promotion of shear products, as well as the factory testing of equipment products, installation and debugging of equipment and after-sales technical services.  Tenure in BOYA, guidance, and participate in design of side trimmer nearly more than 30 sets, commissioning 5 production lines, its representative design works are: Baosteel double towers side trimmer (instead of SMS Germany, reached the international advanced level), Baosteel chopper (domestic initiative, reached the international advanced level), the drum flying shear machine (instead of Nippon steel, the domestic advanced).  Through the efforts of Comrade Wu Huatao, the shearing equipment structure of BOYA Company has been continuously improved, from the initial mechanical equipment to the integration of electromechanical and hydraulic control equipment.  The quality keeps improving, from the initial supply of private enterprises and private enterprises, till now supply to Baosteel, Angang, Panzhihua, Wuhan steel and other central enterprises and large state-owned enterprises;  Variety continues to expand, from the initial disc shear development to now double tower side trimmer, chopper, double tower chopper, double station chopper, drum flying shear and pendulum type flying shear series products;  The brand effect is gradually established, from unknown in the past, to now with foreign famous metallurgical equipment suppliers (such as Siemens Germany, Italy Danieli) to establish cooperation.  Full display of the whole machine design and manufacturing level of the BOYA company, the promotion of the company's products to build a higher platform.

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BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment

"Human look up to greatness and admire it, but sometimes it's harder to see it, harder to imagine it around."  Li Xiangqi, an ordinary worker, is a great person on the post of after-sales service of BOYA Company.  In the past 10 years since he joined BOYA, he was awarded the company model worker twice in 2012 and 2016. In 2013, he was awarded the model worker in High-tech Zone. In 2017, he was awarded the "Xiangyang May Day Labor Medal".  In 2021, he was awarded the "May 1st Labor Medal of Hubei Province".

On the front page of each of Li Xiangqi's notebooks are written six words: "One Heart, One Direction and One forwarder", which is Boya's program of action and also the basic guide for Li Xiangqi's work.  As for his work, he always adheres to his service tenet -- to deal with problems in time and not to cause additional losses to customers.

Sometimes Li Xiangqi has to spend a long time abroad in order to debug equipment.  Most of the factories were located in remote areas on the outskirts of the city, so he asked directions everywhere every time he got off the train and often made several transfers to get to the factory.  In order to save money for the company, he sometimes lived in a guesthouse, sometimes in the factory office, and when there was no place to live, he and the workers would spend the winter together in the shacks and barracks.

Difficult environment  can rely on physical perseverance to overcome, communication difficulties, can only rely on their own ideological consciousness to resolve.  Once, the sale of equipment out of the problem, Li Xiangqi rushed to the site, but was still chided by the angry customer.  However, Li Xiangqi thought to himself, "Wrong is wrong, right is right, if it is wrong, then I will help him to solve."  Instead of a word of complaint, he tried to reassure his clients and quickly understood the cause of the failure.  It turned out that the quality of the blades used in the equipment was not up to standard, which caused the steel belt to become entangled during the cutting process.  This job is a snap for Li Xiangqi, who quickly finished the repair.  The customer, who thought it was a big problem, was a little embarrassed when he saw the equipment was repaired so quickly.

Li Xiangqi in the field of after-sales this made a lot of achievements, in his memory, there is such a thing for him hard to forget: a device that is as far away as Pakistan out of the big fault, Li Xiangqi went to the site, analyze the field complex problems one by one, decomposition, in the face of such problems, he felt difficult even he is experienced,  In addition to the poor local situation, Li Xiangqi's personal safety was also threatened during the negotiation.  "The apartment was on the second floor, the first floor was the office, and the security outside the door was armed 24 hours a day..." he recalled.  Under great pressure, he did not flinch. He constantly analyzed the problem and disassembled the parts of the equipment step by step.  He didn't mind the oil spewing out and blackening half of his face and body. "I took my clothes off, I continued to take them off," he said.  He took three days to dismantle the whole by himself, check the model, the replacement of parts, a total of four days of time, finally put this "hard bone" down.  At this point, he has been frowning deeply before gradually began to smile.

The development of Baosteel Zhanjiang Project can also reflect Li Xiangqi's dedication to work, thoughtful service to customers and responsibility for the company.  Since the first stationing in Baosteel Zhanjiang Base on June 30, 2015, Li Xiangqi has led his comrades to work hard here for more than five years!  They always put customers in the first place, always pay attention to customer needs and pain points, through the use of the problems exposed in the process of continuous improvement and innovation, BOYA and Baosteel to a new height of strategic cooperation!  Over the past five years, 25 sets of equipment and parts supplied by BOYA have successively arrived at the site of Baosteel in Zhanjiang.  After each piece of equipment arrived at the site, Li Xiangqi led his comrades to the site to handle relevant procedures and coordinate with BSEE project manager, owner, and smelting and construction unit on the matter of unpacking.  After determining the time of equipment placement, clear installation essentials and installation accuracy and other technical requirements, in the field to cooperate with the installation.  After commissioning, the equipment shall be accepted by BSEE, supervision, owner and smelting and construction parties.  Pipeline flushing, recovery, electrical fluid in place, equipment cold commissioning, hot test run, trial production, FAT, production protection......  He led his comrades in every link meticulously.  Through professional technology and quick response, they spread BOYA's dedicated craftsman spirit and excellent and thoughtful service to Baosteel and all over the world through BOYA's products!

As a always fighting in the front line of after-sales service personnel, there will be many uncontrollable factors, but no matter what happens, Li Xiangqi must be calm, at any time to maintain a standby state.  When BOYA cooperated with a company in Tangshan, Li Xiangqi became the only person sent by BOYA to do after-sales maintenance. The cold winter of minus 18 degrees, the night near dawn, three production lines and more than 50 sets of equipment made up all of Li Xiangqi's work and life at that time.  In the simple workshop, surrounded by empty Windows without glass installation, the cold wind wantonly enters, the work is like in an icy field, but in order to ensure the integrity of each equipment and the safety of each cable, he often has to be on duty 24 hours a day to ensure that problems can be rushed to the scene in the shortest time.

It is this kind of loyal cooperation, positive and optimistic spirit, so that Li Xiangqi in the after-sales industry to get the due respect, but also won the trust of customers.

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