Trimming and Cross Cutting Combined Line

Trimming and Cross Cutting Combined Line

Aim to steel, non-ferrous metals and other industries, different specifications of strip side trimming and cross-cutting, BOYA can provide professional system solutions.  The production line has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, high quality of edge cutting and cross-cutting, and also has different cutting technology such as mechanical cutting board, vacuum cutting board and so on.

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Details of Trimming and Cross Cutting Combined Line

The requirement of high precision leveler entered into a new period, which not only can improve the plate flatness but require that there is no deflects like scratch, creasing and light band on the board surface caused by the process of leveling. Especially, for the leveling of automotive panels and decorative panels, we need to maintain a good surface quality.

Main Reason for The Difference In Speed Of The Plate During The Process Of Leveling

During the process of leveling, the speed deviation between working rolls is the major reason which affects the surface quality. While the main reason for the difference in speed of the plate during the process of leveling are:

When we adopt the leveling project the upper and bottom rollers are arranged obliquely, particularly adopt a large deformation , which can decrease the non-uniformity of the residual curvature of the sheet in order to improve the quality of leveling. Because the roll gap value set at the entrance of the leveling roll is small and the exit one is large. Due to the number of the entrance is bigger than the exit and the inverse bending rates of the strip between the plates are different. Reverse compression deformation produced at the entrance  is larger than the exit, thus, the backing bending length of plates between rolls is reduced, while the transmission method of various leveling roller is constant speed centralized transmission. Under the two interplay, the speed deviation is formed by plates passing through the different rolls. and the greater the thickness of plate, the bigger the difference in bending rate between adjacent rolls and the greater the deviation in the speed of movement of the plate between rolls, although the deviation in the speed of movement produced by the plates passing through the rolls, which leads to the traversal pressure which caused the traversal scratches is difficult to remove. When leveling the sheet, due to the small leveling force, the smooth contact between roll surface and plate board can diminish friction, which will not cause the apparent scratch. Under the most conditions, it cannot affect the board quality, but for the apparent scratches caused by thick plate formation, it need to adopt professional board polishing equipment to a further polishing that can finally eliminate the scratches.

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