Social Responsibility

Boya's Targeted Poverty Alleviation Has Gone Deeper

On May 8, 2018, Li Chuihui and Li Jinming, whom from BOYA's targeted poverty alleviation work team, with the deep love of BOYA people for the poor people, went to Jinbao Village, Xiema Town, Baokang County to carry out poverty alleviation work.  This is the fourth time this year that BOYA's poverty alleviation team has participated in poverty alleviation activities among farmers in accordance with the poverty alleviation plan established by the company and the Jinbao village committee.

Jinbao Village was designated by the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office for BOYA in 2016. Since then, BOYA has carried out fruitful poverty alleviation work here.  Li Wenxi, Party Secretary, visited the site for many times, helped and presided over the establishment of the Jinbao Village aquaculture cooperative, trained the local people's commodity management concept, guided the villagers to fully develop and utilize the local advantages of resources, and encouraged the professional aquaculture households to rely on diligence and wisdom on the road to prosperity.  Just in 2017, BOYA purchased more than 500,000 yuan of meat from the cooperative, which not only improved the quality of BOYA employees' working lunch, but also brought an average income increase of 2,500 yuan for each household in Jinbao Village.  In addition, BOYA poverty alleviation team has also sent clothes, food, oil and other items to the lonely elderly and poor households in Jinbao Village.

In 2018, BOYA responded to the call upon of the municipal Party committee and government and launched a tough battle for poverty alleviation. First, it improved the work quality of the poverty alleviation team by staying at the poverty alleviation sites for at least one day every month and conducting a thorough survey of farmers.  Second, solve some problems in the past operation to improve the operation quality of breeding cooperatives;  Third,  support the villagers to open one to two agritainment, to assist the cooperative to build salted products processing plant.

Village-based poverty alleviation workers went into farmers' flue-cured tobacco planting fields to experience and help farmers grow flue-cured tobacco.

Carry out Fire Drill to Ensure Safe Production

In the afternoon of May 11th, in order to implement the production safety responsibility system, strengthen the closed-loop control of production safety risks, find and eliminate safety risks in time, Xiangyang High-tech Zone Fire Squadron carried out a fire safety drill in our company (auto industrial zone branch), and checked the implementation of our fire safety work system.

The main goal of fire squadron to organized the fire drill is to find out the fire danger in time, raise improve suggestions, and improve the fire emergency rescue capability of enterprises.  By this drill, the fire personnel raise suggestions on strengthening the maintenance of fire fighting facilities, keeping the evacuation passage unblocked, improving the emergency extinguishing ability of the staff, strengthening the fire safety management, etc., which helped our company to further improve the emergency plan, and taught our basic fire-fighting methods and evacuation skills.

Then, the fire personnel enter inside the enterprise and check the fire safety situation of the company in detail.  They have looked at our workshop, warehouse, the key parts of fire control facilities such as water pump room, transformer room, by the method of debrief, access to information, on-site inspection, communication, sampling check, analyzed and evaluated the implementation of our company's fire safety work., The key links such as trace management and closed loop management are inspected emphatically.  Generally speaking, they were satisfied with the implementation of our fire safety work.  Next, according to the professional advice of the fire squadron, our company will strengthen the source management, strengthen supervision, promote the implementation of responsibilities, rectify management loopholes, and ensure that the company's safety production situation continues to consolidate.

Carry out Fire Drill to Ensure Safe ProductionBOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

Poverty Alleviation Through Consumption and Benevolent Actions to Overcome Difficulties and Promote Harmony

In the morning of May 22nd, CEO Mr. Li Wenxi, CFO Ms Kang Xiaoli, Section Chief of United Front Work Department of Xiangyang Municipal Party Committee Li Xiaoyong and other 6 people drove for 3 hours to Zhushan County of Shiyan City, where they met with VP Mr. Tian Dongyong and General Manager Assistant Mr.Yang Jianyong who arrived the day before.  Attend the docking ceremony of Xiangyang BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. between Shuangtai Township of Zhushan County.

After the noon rest adjustment, at 15:00 in the afternoon, Mr. Li and his party, accompanied by Mr. Yang Jinluan, the Standing Committee of the Zhushan County Committee and the Minister of United Front Work, arrived at Nankou Village, Shanghai Township, Zhushan County.  The village is 30 kilometers away from Zhushan County, with a land area of 2573 acres and a forest area of 278,000 acres.  The village has a registered population of 1,975 people in 676 households, and 535 people in 234 households are registered as poverty-stricken. It is designated as a poverty-stricken village by the province. At the end of 2019, it has just lifted all of them out of poverty.  Due to the heavy impact of COVID-19, the characteristic agricultural products produced by Chunsheng Ecological Agriculture Professional Cooperative established in the village, such as mushrooms and wild vegetables, are seriously unsalable, and the farmers in the village may face huge losses.  In order to help the village out of the predicament, the United Front Work Department of Xiangyang Municipal Party Committee and the United Front Work Department of Zhushan County Party Committee set up a bridge, our general manager Li decided to generously contribute 200,000 yuan to subscribe for the village's characteristic agricultural products, such as mushrooms, to help solve the urgent problem.

After arriving at the village, Mr Li and Minister Yang's delegation first went to the village committee for discussion and exchange. Then they went to the docking ceremony site -- Chunsheng Ecological Agriculture Professional Cooperative, visited the production site of the cooperative, inquired about the development of the cooperative, and watched the featured agricultural products on display.  At the docking ceremony, Mr. Li and Mr. Yang delivered speeches successively.  "Due to the heavy impact of the COVID-19, domestic consumption is weak and sales of various agricultural products are unmarketable, which severely affects the development of rural industries and hinders farmers from increasing their income and poverty alleviation," Mr. Li said.  Although BOYA Company has also been affected under some extent, as a company with a sense of social responsibility, we are willing to work with the farmers to overcome the difficulties and provide assistance within our capacity.  Today's docking subscription is the concrete action of this desire.  Mr. Tian Dongyong, the executive deputy general manager of BOYA Company, is from Zhushan. He is responsible for the coordination and implementation of this activity. He has paid a lot of hard work, which fully reflects his eager desire to return to his hometown.  I am confident that under the correct leadership of the Party and the government, with firm confidence and hard work, we will be able to overcome the difficulties and get out of the difficulties.  Finally, I wish you all the best as soon as possible to get rich, life is more and more prosperous!"  "As the vice chairman of the council of Hubei Provincial Glorious Enterprise Promotion Association and an influential entrepreneur, Mr. Li is easy-going.  In the current difficult moments, that in spite of being very busy to come in person, to attend the docking ceremony for poverty alleviation, capital contribution subscribed slow-moving agricultural products, this kindness charity fully reflect the great love without borders, and benevolent noble quality, reflects BOYA company the spirit of "enterprise development does not forget to give back to society".  It is very worthy of our learning and emulation, we must vigorously publicize, and sincerely express our thanks!  We hope that BOYA Company can continue to support and participate in the economic and social construction of Zhushan County in the future, and we will also do a good job of service and guarantee for the development of enterprises.  Finally, I wish BOYA Company and villagers a prosperous and better life!"

The consumption of poverty alleviation is a response to the central, provincial, municipal " buying instead of donating", "buying instead of helping", "fixed-point procurement" called upon for concrete action, "thousands of companies to help thousands of village" accuracy is a vivid demonstration of action, for poverty alleviation in helping recipient rural poverty engines and epidemic prevention and control task, after reviving epidemic rural development confidence, promoting the construction of a harmonious society will have a positive role.

Poverty Alleviation of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

Good News About Targeted Poverty Alleviation Continues to Circulate

On June 3, Cheng Jiagang, director of Xiangyang Municipal People's Congress, visited Xiema Town, Baokang County to investigate targeted poverty alleviation.  At the meeting of the poverty alleviation team in Xiema Town, Director Cheng listened to the work report of our poverty alleviation team in Jinbao Village, highly recognized our poverty alleviation work over the years, and encouraged the poverty alleviation team members to make persistent efforts, make new and greater contributions to the national poverty alleviation and the rural industry revitalization in the next step.

On June 5, with 38 degrees high temperatures, Yinsu, the reporter of Xiangyang daily, according with Li Chuihui, Member of poverty alleviation team in Jinbao village of our company, go to Jinbao village, conduct field interviews on the poverty alleviation deeds of our company in the village over the years, and collect first-hand news materials by going to the village, wrote "convergence corporation power, hand in hand to precisely targeted alleviation", It was published in Xiangyang Daily on June 23, deeply publicizing the characteristic practices and remarkable achievements of several private enterprises in Xiangyang, including BOYA Company, in targeted poverty alleviation activities, fully demonstrating the sense of responsibility of "enterprise development never forgetting to give back to society", and effectively enhancing the company's good image to the outside world.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

Return visit to poor households and seek common prosperity

October 17 is the seventh poverty alleviation day in China, and October is the province's "twinning action month". According to the requirements of the "poverty alleviation day" activity plan of Xiangyang City in 2020, combined with the development of the company's targeted poverty alleviation work, the author and Party committee member Li chuihui drove to Jinbao village, Xiema Town, Baokang County to carry out return visit and research activities from October 14 to 15 after being approved by General Secretary Li of the company's Party committee. On the morning of October 15, under the guidance of village cadres, we braved the moderate rain and walked on the muddy mountain road to visit the house. First of all, I came to the families of Shi zuocheng and Liu Deju, two poverty-stricken households who have established files and established cards to help them. I had in-depth exchanges and communication with them, negotiated next year's industrial development plan, preliminarily reached the idea of developing Gastrodia elata planting and high goat breeding, and put forward constructive support and assistance schemes for the industrial poverty alleviation projects of the two families, He also conveyed the cordial care and condolences of President Li of the company to the two heads of household.

Then, we went to the members' home of the native pig breeding cooperative to check and understand the native pig breeding situation this year. We found that due to the impact of African swine fever, the native pigs raised by the members this year had a serious death phenomenon. The existing number of native pigs can only meet the villagers' own use in the Spring Festival, and there are no surplus native pigs for export, so that the operation of the native pig breeding cooperative is suspended at present. Finally, we came to the village committee and had a discussion with the leaders of the two committees of the village branch to discuss how to get rid of the current difficulties and the development plan of the cooperative next year, so as to better connect with the Rural Revitalization strategy implemented by the state.

After coming back, we promptly reported the investigation to President Li and put forward opinions and suggestions. With the approval of President Li, the company will purchase 80 kg of unsalable tea in Jinbao village and advance funds to build a standard pig seedling breeding farm, so as to gradually unify the categories of native pig breeding, form its own brand, carry out commercial operation, improve the added value of native pig breeding industry and increase the income of members.

Return Visit to Poor Households and Seek Common Prosperity of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

BOYA Employees Offer Love to Sick Colleagues

On May 17, Li Jun, a grinder of the special decoration business department, was diagnosed with metastatic fibrosarcoma in the central hospital. This disease is a malignant tumor and the treatment cost is high. In the face of the disease, Li Junna's already difficult family is even worse: eight years ago, after his father had a stroke, he has not fully recovered, and now he is still recuperating at home; Mother is too old to work. Their whole family lives on the income of working for him and his daughter-in-law. He fell ill, and the burden of life was all on his daughter-in-law's shoulder. In the face of changes, the originally warm small family almost put them in a desperate situation.

Li Jun usually works actively, has a sense of responsibility, is kind and gets along well with his colleagues. After understanding his plight, the special decoration business department launched an initiative in the company: I hope the caring employees of the company can lend a helping hand to help his family tide over the difficulties.

The so-called support from all sides when one side is in trouble. Everyone picks up firewood and the flame is high. All BOYA employees who understand Li Jun's situation do not hesitate to lend a loving hand. In less than one day, the initiative has received more than 16000 yuan of love donations from various branches of the company. These donations are a drop in the bucket for the Li Junyi family, but they are full of the love of BOYA employees.

BOYA Employees Offer Love to Sick Colleagues

If everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world! Thank the staff of BOYA for their love donation! I hope this donation can help Li Junyi's family solve some urgent problems. I wish Li Jun to overcome his disease and recover as soon as possible under the care of love!

Targeted Poverty Alleviation Had Actual Affect

In response to the government's "targeted poverty alleviation, industrial revitalization" requirements, our company invested in the construction of BOYA Seiko Green Ecological Industrial Workshop which is located in Jinbao Village, Xiema Town, Baokang County, has been completed recently.  After the project is put into operation, it can achieve an annual production capacity of 7,500 kg of bacon, 250 kg of mountain tea, 10,000 kg of deep-processed products such as wild mushroom, chestnut, walnut, sweet potato, etc., which is expected to increase the economic income of more than 1 million yuan for the collective of jinbao village every year.  It is of great practical significance to promote the development of local rural industries, increase farmers' economic income, consolidate the achievements of targeted poverty alleviation in the early stage, and ensure the perfect conclusion of the 2020 targeted poverty alleviation battle.

On April 28th, in order to implement the consumption poverty alleviation instructions from the superior, we organized the council members of Hunan Chamber of Commerce to carry out the promotional purchase activity of Jinbao village characteristic agricultural and sideline products in the branch factory of our company. A total of 1280 pcs local eggs, 50kg shiitake mushrooms, 35kg tea, 20kg agarics were sold, and the sales revenue reached more than 15000 yuan.  In order to help the sale of characteristic agricultural and sideline products in Jinbao village, we have made a beneficial attempt, accumulated experience, and achieved the expected goal of poverty alleviation through consumption and enriching the people with real benefits.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

All China Federation of Industry and Commerce

The company was commended as "anti epidemic advanced private enterprise" by the all China Federation of industry and commerce

In December 21st, at novel coronavirus pneumonia, the twelve Executive Committee of the four national executive committee of the Federation of industry and commerce was honored by the National Federation of industry and commerce as an advanced private enterprise to fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The commendation was approved by provincial and municipal industrial and commercial associations, which is highly affirmed by the company's contribution to COVID-19's outstanding performance and its full recovery and support for local economic and social development. It is not easily won and deserves our treasuring.

BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD. among All China Federation of Industry and Commerce

President Li Was Invited to Attend the Mobilization Meeting of Provincial and Citizen Owned Enterprises to Help Rural Revitalization

In order to organize and mobilize private enterprises to actively participate in rural revitalization, further consolidate and expand the key achievements in poverty alleviation, and promote the effective connection between comprehensive poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization Strategy. On February 25 and March 4, mobilization meetings for private enterprises to help rural revitalization were held in Hubei Province and Xiangyang City. President Li of the company was invited to attend and made an exchange speech at the city's private enterprises helping rural revitalization and the mobilization meeting of "100 enterprises prospering 100 villages".

President Li said that in recent years, BOYA company has actively responded to the national call for targeted poverty alleviation, participated in the targeted poverty alleviation action of "hundreds of enterprises helping hundreds of villages", adopted the mode of "enterprise + cooperative + farmers", helped all the poor people in Jinbao village, Xiema Town, Baokang County get rid of poverty, sent a party member poverty alleviation team to visit more than 100 people, and invested more than 2 million yuan, It has brought more than 3 million yuan of income to Jinbao village. At the same time, it actively participated in the "targeted poverty alleviation · warmth project", consumption poverty alleviation, "two help and two assistance" and other activities, and donated more than 4 million yuan. His individual donated nearly 4 million yuan through Guangcai Society for poverty alleviation. The company has been commended as the national advanced private enterprise of "ten thousand enterprises helping ten thousand villages" and the advanced unit of targeted poverty alleviation in Xiangyang City.

President Li pointed out that after the current comprehensive victory in poverty alleviation, the focus of private enterprises in fulfilling their social responsibilities has naturally shifted to participating in Rural Revitalization. The "100 enterprises helping 100 villages" has been upgraded to "100 enterprises prospering 100 villages". Although it is only a word short, it has given it a richer connotation and put forward higher requirements for us. BOYA company will, as always, respond to the call of the party and the government, actively participate in the Rural Revitalization action in combination with the actual situation of enterprise development and helping the village, continue to promote the development of rural industries and carry out the agricultural benefit industrial projects in a deep and lasting manner. First, give full play to the role of Party members and condense and develop ideological consensus. Second, adhere to the implementation of market operation and continuously enhance the "hematopoietic" function. Third, continue to expand industrial projects to help villagers become rich.

President Li stressed that promoting the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy is not only an extremely important political task, but also a unshirkable historical mission of private enterprises. BOYA company will continue to give full play to its own advantages, strengthen responsibility, cooperate with forces from all walks of life to carry out various undertakings of rural revitalization, strive to fundamentally solve problems such as rural industrial development and rural people's employment, and provide a more reliable guarantee for farmers' long-term stable income increase and living and working in peace and contentment, Make new and greater contributions to comprehensively promoting the implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy.

President Li  of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD. Attended the Meeting

President Li  of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD. Attended the Meeting

Public Welfare Charity

In recent years, BOYA company has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, always combined enterprise development with social development, carried forward the glorious spirit of "developing enterprises and giving back to the society", responded to the call of the party and the government, and participated in glorious undertakings and charities in combination with enterprise development. In 2017, donated 200000 yuan to the "bamboo shoots for students" public welfare activity of Xiangyang poverty alleviation and Development Association and 200000 yuan to the "targeted poverty alleviation and warmth project" public welfare activity of Xiangyang Guangcai Cause Promotion Association; In 2018, donated 2 million yuan to the provincial Guangcai Cause Promotion Association; In 2019, Li Wenxi, chairman of the company, donated 700000 yuan in the battle against poverty in Xiangyang City. Due to his outstanding contribution to the cause of Guangcai, he was invited to participate in the symposium organized by the central United Front Work Department to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the launch and implementation of Guangcai; In 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia was donated to Xiangyang for 1 million yuan. Actively participated in consumption poverty alleviation activities, purchased 200000 yuan of characteristic agricultural products in Nankou village, Shuangtai Township, Zhushan County, 20000 kg of unsalable Xiakou oranges in patrol inspection Town, Nanzhang County, donated 150000 yuan for the "two help and two assistance" assistance activities of the whole province, 10800 yuan for poor students in Xiangzhou District, and subscribed for the "love schoolbag". In December 2020, it was commended by the all China Federation of industry and commerce "Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention advanced private enterprises". In response to the national precise poverty alleviation policy, the village of Baimang Town, Baimang Town, Baicheng County, helped to set up rural cooperatives, develop ecological breeding, and help 120 farmers out of poverty. In 2018, they were named the "10000 enterprises and ten million villages" in the country. Advanced private enterprise; in April 2020, the green ecological industry workshop funded by the company was completed and put into operation, which is expected to increase the income of Jinbao village's collective economy by 1 million yuan per year. The company has also participated in the love student and care for the elderly public welfare activities held in Xiangyang City for many times. In recent years, the company has invested more than 10 million yuan in social public welfare undertakings.

Public Welfare Charity of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

Public Welfare Charity of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

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