Metal Trimming Machine Types

Metal Side Trimming/Shearing Machine

Metal trimming machines of BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment Co., LTD.   are in high quality and reliable delivery schedule.

By differentiation development strategy with "We have what others have not, and ours are better in quality than others & apos" BOYA trimming series products had ranked as first-class brand in the international market.

Since 2007, BOYA has provided over 300 sets of sheet cutting shearing machines to customers, BOYA metal trimming machine series products include single/double tower trimmer, single/double tower chopper, combined side trimmer, drum flying shear and so on. Our metal processing machine customers not only include Baosteel, Shougang steel and other leading metallurgical enterprises but also include Siemens, Danieli and other international well-known engineering companies.  BOYA takes targeted design according to customer demand, provides customized system solutions to customer from product research to product use and Q&A training, help metallurgical enterprises transformation and upgrading!

Metal Trimming Machine Types

Cut to Length Machine

The longitudinal shear of cold rolled strip steel mainly has the side trimmer and slitter. To longitudinal shears, BOYA company mainly produces the side trimmer which widely used in all kinds of procedures.
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Metal Side Trimming Machine

To longitudinal shears, BOYA company mainly produces the side trimmer which widely used in all kinds of procedures.
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Scrap Dispose Equipment

According to the thickness of the plate, the scraps can be rolled into a coiler by scrap baller or can be cut off into pieces by the chopper.
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Why Burr Appears After Side Trimmer in Hot Rolling Pickling Line

BOYA coil shearing machine is one of the key equipment of pickling line or PLTCM. The sheet cutting shearing machine function is to trim the edge of raw materials according to the width of finished products and remove the quality defects of raw materials .For example Burr refers to the raw material in the edge-cutting treatment, the appearance of "hair-like" quality defects at the edge of the strip.  Its harm is that the burrs are easy to cause the strip broken in rolling process; A good cut can avoid defects such as burrs, which may cause quality problems during rolling. The main reasons for burrs are:

Hot rolling raw material defects

Uneven width, edge wave, edge wrinkle, edge crack and other quality defects of hot rolling raw materials will impact the blade edge of the trimming, resulting in the blade edge collapse, or lead to the trimmer edge cutting failure or slip blade, resulting in burr

The clearance calculation has changed

The shear Gap is determined by both Gap and Lap.  The mathematical model used for clearance calculation is based on the theoretical cross-section of hot rolled material.  The theoretical hot rolling material has good consistency of cross-section, few edge drop and no wedge.  In fact, the cross-section structure of hot rolling materials used in cold rolling mills of various steel mills is not the same, and hot rolling materials have their own unique cross-section structure, so there is a deviation between theory and practice

Clearance calibration is not accurate

Trimming edge gap jump

The gap jump of the trimming edge is produced by the coordination of upper and lower cutting edges.  The cutting edge is fixed on the shaft head of the cutting seat by the hydraulic nut, and the expansion ring is pressed outward by the locking screw.  When the hydraulic nut is not properly fastened, the axial force is insufficient in the process of vertical strip cutting edge, resulting in the axial jitter of cutting edge and the jump of cutting edge gap.

BOYA Metal Trimming Machine Despcription

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