Cleaning Line

Cleaning Line

In the field of strip surface cleaning technology, especial for aluminum strip surface clean, BOYA owns water washing, alkali washing, oil washing and other cleaning technology, at the same time, add the application of the BOYA unique professional equipment as leveler machine and side trimmer, the unit has the characteristics of good surface cleaning effect, high cleaning speed, good straightening plate type and high edge cutting quality.

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Details of Cleaning Line

Aluminum strip will be rolled by rollers during the period of fabrication, after a series of abrasion and friction. The surface of aluminum strip will form suspended particles, which affects its surface quality and reprocessing seriously. The suspend particles are alumina powder and micro-aluminum powder that fall of the surface of the aluminum plate during the rolling process. If such strip is not be clean, the remained two mixed powders will damage the aluminum surface ad then influence the surface quality. During the later quenching and leveling, there is a high requirement for the surface clean. So before these processes, we need to clean, which can make the powders fall of the surface. After that the strip will experience agent drying, purging and drying that makes its surface dry and clean.

Different Types of Cleaning Line

1. Water cleaning

High-pressure spraying hot water of 70-80 degree is used to deteriorate the oil film attached to the strip. Water cleaning is easy and clean, it can be classified three based types: high-pressure cleaning, low-pressure cleaning and drying. While this process also has some defects. In the process of water cleaning, a brushed roller is needed. Because the rigidity is higher than the aluminum strip, there will be some scratches on the surface. Besides, micro-aluminium powder and oil film attached on the plate surface can form a stable chemical bond under the high pressure and temperature produced by the process of rolling the rollers. So that it cannot diminish the powders and film through the physical method. Thus we need to have the second clean, which can increase the cost with the first.

2. Oil cleaning

Oil cleaning includes spraying, brushing and vacuum roll to suck dry these three basic processes and three clean systems called vacuum system, filtration system and cleaning system. And the filtration system can filter the used oil for secondary use. The cleaning oil and in the process of oil cleaning has an affinity with the rolling oil in the process of roll rolling. Cleaning oil can achieve the goal clean the aluminum strip through utilizing the compatible principle of non-polar oil molecules. Not only can the vacuum rolls absorb the cleaning oil attached on the surface of aluminum strip, which can form a thin oil film with the capacity of protect on the strip, it can prevent the oxidation of prevent. The oil cleaning machine has a short train, which is both its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, because of the shorter cleaning machine train, the speed cannot be improved. On the other hand, when the high temperature in the shop will accelerate the evaporation of oil and file the whole workshop, which will pollute the working environment and damage the health of workers.

3. Water-based cleaning process of acid and alkaline

There are two situations under the process: the first is the cleaning process of color-coated aluminum strip. The specific cleaning process includes degreasing twice, washing twice, chromic acid passivation, roller coating primer, roller coating topcoat, drying and so on. Water-based cleaning process of acid and alkaline used to the process of cold-roll aluminum plate rather than the traditional acid and alkaline. And it is composed of chelating agent, corrosion inhibitor and surfactant.

Because of the speciality of the processing of the aluminum products, most enterprises adopt the acid and alkali cleaning process with high quality, large capacity and fast cleaning speed. Although the acid and alkali cleaning processes are similar, they are all cleaned by saponifying the aluminum strip and the remaining rolling oil to improve the surface quality of the aluminum strip. However, the acid cleaning process and the alkali cleaning process have their own characteristics in terms of cost, speed and environment protection.

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