Metal Side Trimming Machine

Metal Side Trimming Machine

The longitudinal shear of cold rolled strip steel mainly has the side trimmer and slitter. To longitudinal shears, BOYA company mainly produces the side trimmer which widely used in all kinds of process lines to cut the edge of strip, eliminate edge defects and makes the side of the strip neat, complete and smooth. BOYA side trimmer has single turret type and double turrets type, the side trimmer will equipped with deburring device and scrap dispose device. The double turrets side trimmer and scrap chopper can realize online blade change, automatically adjust the overlap and width, BOYA trimmers are high accuracy, greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality for customers.

The Introduction of Longitudinal Disc Shear Machine

Disc type longitudinal shear machine, usually designed with a rotating disc blade to continuous, longitudinal shear the moving strip, also can trimming the strip into a narrow width or relatively width, or cut the strip edges evenly. When it is used to cut edges, it is usually equipped with a scrap chopper which can cut the scrap edge into small pieces and is easy to recut, which cuts edges into small pieces for easy recycling.

The cut to length disc shear can be classified into two forms according to its use: plate edge disc shear and steel strip disc shear.  In the former, each circle blade is cantilever fixed on a separate drive shaft, and the number of blades is two pairs, which are used in the finishing line of medium thick plate, the crosscutting unit of plate and the continuous pickling operation line. The latter blade is generally fixed in two common drive shafts (there are also a few disk blades fixed in a separate drive shaft), the number of side trimmer blades is multiple pairs, used for the splay unit, continuous annealing and galvanizing and other operations line.

Types of Metal Side Trimming Machine

Classification of Metal Side Trimming Machine


According to application

  1. Edge cutting disk shears for cutting strip side.  Edge-cutting disc shears can be used in cold rolled strip steel cut to length line and slitting units.

  2. Used for longitudinal continuous shear of wide strip steel, according to the workload needs to determine its structure is two pairs of cutter head or multiple pairs of cutter head disk shear.


According to the driving mode of the cutter head, the disk shear can be divided into power shear and tension shear. Tension shear refers to the knife plate is not directly driven, after the shear tension roller or reel drag strip steel, in the disc shear shear shear. These two kinds of shear modes have their own characteristics, so there is a clutch in the transmission system of the disc shear, which can be used according to the need for dynamic shear or tensile shear mode.

Shear Quality Analysis

Shear Quality Analysis

Shear deformation contains the elasticity of the steel sheet, plastic variable, crack extension, material break, etc. In the elastic deformation stage, the blade is pressed against the steel plate, making the steel plate deform and bend; then, as the population distance is constantly close, the steel sheet reaches the yield limit, the plasticity in the metal becomes broken; shear continues, in the blade Produce force concentration, and induce minute crack production, the upper and lower cracks are rapidly expanded, coincident, the steel plate is disconnected, the shear process is completed.

The lateral gap of the shear edge is the most important factor affecting the quality of the steel plate. From the shear surface of the steel sheet, with the increase of the side gap, the cut layer ratio will be significantly reduced, and the burrs are substantially changed. When the side gap reaches a certain degree, the cutting layer reduction is no longer obvious, and the burrs will significantly increase. Setting a reasonable side gap value is the key to ensuring the quality of the shear.

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