Work Roll

Work Roll

BOYA produces slender rolls such as smooth roll (can be chromed), spiral roll (can be chromed), and concave roll. There are more than 10 kinds of rolling mill rolls we can manufacture. The highest surface hardness of work rolls and intermediate rolls we manufactured is HRC65, with a length between 607-3960 mm and diameter between ∮16-400 mm. the biggest hollow roll we produced now is ∮ 600 mm. BOYA uses special material to produce steel sheet roller used in tension leveler of pickling line. These work roll are applied to many industrial giant and their working performance is as good as the original.

Details of Work Roll

In steel rolling, the work roll is in direct contact with the strip to produce deformation and finally get the roller of the product. The active roll driven by the motor is the work roll. In the manufacture of work roll, the metallurgical quality of the roll should be strictly controlled or supplemented by external measures to enhance the bearing capacity of the roll. Reasonable roll shape, hole shape, deformation system and rolling conditions can also reduce the working load of rolls, avoid local peak stress and prolong work roll chock life. The consumption of work roll depends on three factors:

  1. Rolling mill, material and rolling condition, and the reasonable choice of roll;

  2. Work roll material and manufacturing quality;

  3. Roll use and maintenance system.

Types of Work Roll

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