Company Culture

The Connotation of Boya

The first word "Bo" with the meaning of "Board-minded, open and toleration". And the last word "ya" means the growth of enterprise can go out of Asia and toward the world.

Therefore, the complete definition of "Boya" is pursuing the champion performance with a runner-up mentality.

The Interpretation of Logo 'BOIA'

BOYA Precision Industrial Equipment CO., LTD.

The logo is composed of the change of BOYA. And it looks vigorous and decorous. And the color of this logo can bring us a strong impact of vision and an intuitive overall beauty, which can highlight the character of the metal processing machinery field.

Black represents elegance and solemnity and purple is the color of Kings, in addition, there is an old saying "the purple air comes from the east" which means a propitious omen appears. So the two colors implied BOYA domains in machinery area.

The shape of letters "O" and "Y" is coherency which refers to the globalization, internationalization and the effective operation of industry production. The full construction of BOIA is full of the industrial sense thus, it symbolized the intimate relationship of cooperation, equality and dedication.

Core Values

Integrity: Honesty to customers, loyalty to enterprise, enthusiasm to colleagues.

Innovation: It is the soul and support of Boya.

Harmony: Cooperation and win-win.

Development: Development is the only way for an enterprise to realize its vision and mission.

The Living Status of Boya's Staff

Work happily and live in a cheerful mood, create a good living condition and enjoy life.

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