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High Precision Flat Metal Processing Machine

After years of professional research and development, BOYA is committed to providing high-quality metal processing equipment. Our metal processing machinery is not only rooted in the basic theory of material elastoplastic deformation, but also actively innovates in combination with processing materials. Our metal processing machinery can handle materials-from coils to plates, in order to provide full preparation for downstream processing. In addition, it is worth mentioning that our metal processing machinery can ensure that flat materials have low internal stress. BOYA, one of the reliable metal processing machinery manufacturers,  is committed to contributing its own strength to improve the quality of your parts!

Product Category of Precision Industrial Equipments

Crucial Coil-Processing of Metal Processing Machine

Stamping & Punching of Metal Processing Machine
Leveling & Straightening 01

According to different application and leveler has different types such as tension leveler, scale breaker, flattener, multi-roll leveler, precision leveler, etc. By different leveler to improve strip flatness, remove strip defects such as buckling, camber, chatter marks, etc. Improve strip flatness and achieve the required surface quality for the next procedure.

Trimming & Shearing of Metal Processing Machine
Trimming & Shearing 02

According to the structural characteristics, BOYA cold rolling strip trimmers/shears can be divided into transverse shear, longitudinal shear, waste edge treatment equipment and so on. The side trimmer is usually set on the finishing processing line. Because the blade is a rotating disk, it can continuously shear the moving steel plate or strip, and cut the longitudinal edge evenly or into narrow strip; Transverse shear or flying shear machine is carried out on the strip in process lines to remove the coil head and tailor take samples for inspection.

Coating of Metal Processing Machine
Coating 03

A roll coater is a device that uses more than one set of rotation rollers to spread a certain amount of paint onto the flat material.

BOYA Roll coater features: Frist, High-speed automatic operation, fast painting speed, high production efficiency, production speed is generally about 100m/min, up to 244m/max; Second, no paint mist, no paint mist splashing, coating efficiency is close to 100%; Third, both low and high viscosity coatings are suitable for various film thicknesses from 3-5μm to 300-500μm. The film thickness can be accurately controlled, and the thickness is uniform. Both sides of the strip can be painted at the same time.

Fine Blanking Of Metal Processing Machine
Fine Blanking 04

The fine blanking process is a production technology with the power of special stamping equipment to deform the material in the mold directly by the deformation force, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of products. Sheet metal, die and equipment are the three elements of blanking. Blanking is a kind of metal cold deformation processing method.  It is one of the main methods of metal molding (or pressure machining).

Crucial Sheet-Processing of Metal Processing Machine

Plasma and Flame Cutting

Laser Cutting

The cut material is irradiated with a high power density laser beam, so that the material is quickly heated to the vaporization temperature, and the hole is formed, and the hole continuously forms a narrow slit with a narrow width as the light beam moves, the hole is continuously formed, and the cutting of the material is completed.


Plasma and Flame Cutting

Plasma arc cutting is a method of hardifying the metal of the workpiece insertion (and evaporation) at the heat of the workpiece incision, and excludes the molten metal to form a cutting method of the slit by the momentum of the workpiece incision.



The bending process is to force the strip steel to make the strip of the radius of curvature and realize the bending of the strip steel. The bending process has played the role of adjusting tension, flat substrate, eliminating substrate wrinkles and wrinkles.



The stamping process is a metal processing method. It is based on the metal plastic deformation, and the sheet is applied to the sheet by mold and stamping equipment to produce plastic deformation or separation, thereby obtaining a shape, size, and performance. Part (stamping parts).



Welding is a partially rapidly heating and cooling process, and the weld area cannot be freely expanded and contracted by the restraint of the workpiece body, and then welded stress and deformation in the solder after cooling. Important product welding needs to eliminate welding stress and correct welding deformation.

Sheet Metal Forming Machine For Sale

Whether you are looking for a complete strip processing finishing line or just a new metal strip processing machine such as a tension leveler or side trimmer, Boya can provide you with professional solutions to replace your old metal processing machine. We are a leading manufacturer of metallurgical equipment and our sheet metal coil processing machinery are some of the most reliable and durable in the industry. These metal forming and processing machines are often designed and manufactured to last beyond our expectations. We have a complete line of metal processing machine including world-class tension leveler, coil coater and strip shear, as well as a wide range of solutions. Contact us! Let Boya help you upgrade your metal processing machinery!

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