Prime Coater

Prime Coater

The primer coil coater is used to paint the surface of the strip after passivation treatment. composition. The coating head completes the work on the support roller, and the reverse side is coated on the top support roller to complete the work.

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Introduction of Prime Coater

The strip after ground treatment enters the steering roller from the bottom coating roller ring and enters the support roller after steering. The bottom coating roller frame is attached to the support roller by the hydraulic cylinder against the back cushion, and the adjustment mechanism fine-tunes the belt roller and roller and the roller. The gap between the support rollers is reasonable to control the thickness of the coating. Then the paint is applied to the surface by a belt roller.

After the strip comes out of the support roller, it is pulled flat by the back of the roller, and the coating roller frame is leaned against the tape, and the coating is lifted onto the strip mobile phone. The material is separated from the roller.

Application Scope of Prime Coater


Strip thickness

Strip Width

Leveling Speed

Color coated board




Structure Advantage of Prime Coater

  • The body of the roller coil coater can be equipped with a vertical or horizontal roller coater according to process requirements, and can also be equipped with two-roller or three-roller coating according to process requirements.

  • The roller coil coater is equipped with an automatic or manual roller gap adjustment mechanism and is equipped with a pressure sensor, which can effectively control the thickness of the paint film.

  • The roll coater machine is equipped with a quick roll changing device and a safety protection device to ensure rapid roll change under the premise of safe operation.

  • Electromechanical and hydraulic control integrated products, equipped with reliable Siemens control system and optimized process adjustment template, can effectively ensure stable product quality.

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