Precision Leveler

1. Classifications of the precision leveler

Multi-roller straightening machine is divided into 5 rolls, 9 rolls, 11 rolls, 13 rolls, 17 rolls, 19 rolls, 21 rolls, 23 rolls, 25 rolls and other types. Depending on the thickness and material of the strip, you can choose a different number of rolls straightening machine. For example: 5 rolls straightening machine is usually used as a straight head machine, 9 and 11 rolls straightening machine is usually used in hot rolled thick steel plate straightening; 11 and 13 rolls straightening machine is usually used in hot rolled thin plate straightening; 17, 19 and 21 rolls straightening machine is mostly used in aluminum and titanium plate thick plate straightening; 23 rolls straightening machine is mostly used in aluminum, titanium plate and stainless steel thin plate straightening.

2. The working principles of the precision leveler

The use of a precision leveler to straighten the sheet is to bend the sheet again and again. Through this process, a bending plastic deformation of the sheet is produced, reducing the residual deformation and residual stress of the sheet and eliminating the waviness and unevenness of the sheet. In straightening aluminum and aluminum alloy plates, the multi-roller straightening machine has high productivity. The thinner the straightened sheet is, the more work roll are used.

3. The development history of the precision leveler

The adopted precision levelers are equipped with many support rolls, which make it easy for the working rolls to press out the marks and affect the surface quality of the straightened sheet. In order to eliminate the marks, there is a tendency to design straightening machines with new structures, such as.

(1) Straightening rollers with slope in the upper row.

(2) Rollers with two slopes in the upper row.

(3) With large diameter support rolls.

4. The precision leveler with small roll diameter

Small roll diameter (Φ≦70mm) multi-roller straightening machine is applied to the non-continuous or continuous unit of thin plate, push-pull pickling unit on the straightening strip, breaking iron oxide equipment, including multi-outlet gear reduction distribution box, bending section bending roller set, leveling section straightening roller set, hydraulic cylinder, etc. The bending rollers and straightening rollers are composed of supporting rollers, intermediate rollers and straightening rollers. The supporting roller and straightening roller are passive rollers, the middle roller is active roller, and the straightening roller is a small roller diameter structure with a small diameter of F70mm.

The small diameter multi-roller straightening machine solves the problem of small diameter straightening rolls that are difficult to withstand torque transmission by improving the traditional intermediate rolls that are dragged by the strip to active rolls that are connected to the coupling. This avoids the difficulty of direct drive straightening rolls, so that small diameter straightening rolls can better achieve the effect of breaking phosphorus and straightening plate shape capacity.

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