Mechanical Balance Optimization of High-speed Fine Blanking

The equipment of fine blanking equipment has high manufacturing performance. You can choose to change its stamping process to greatly enhance its vibration performance. If the vibration is caused by the main transmission mechanism, its overall performance will be greatly improved. Doing a good job of vibration control has very important practical significance for reducing the frequency of vibration and enhancing manufacturing precision. The main transmission mechanism belongs to a kind of linkage mechanism, which is built internally and does not drive at a constant speed during the movement process, but it must move with inertial force during the actual movement process. This purpose is to improve its own movement efficiency. Reacts well to the main drive body. With the rapid development of stamping equipment, its inertial force has also been greatly improved, and the vibration of the fuselage has become more prominent. This vibration is mainly caused by the inertial force and inertial moment of the mechanism, which greatly reduces the machining accuracy of the transmission mechanism and aggravates the In order to avoid the phenomenon of damage to the equipment components, the service life will be greatly shortened. It is not conducive to prolong the use time. Therefore, the dynamic balance optimization work should be done to better reduce the excitation force and the excitation torque.

1. Main drive system of high-speed fine blanking machine

The components of a fine blanking machine mainly include a frame, a crank, a connecting rod and a slider. The main function of the crank is to play a driving role on the entire connecting rod, thereby better promoting the reciprocating motion of the slider. This mechanism can reduce the torque of the motor well, which plays an important role in improving its own motion performance. In order to improve the research on the mechanism, the kinematics and dynamic static analysis of the mechanism are carried out, and the excitation force and the excitation torque can be found out. actual changes.

2. Comprehensive optimization of fine blanking dynamic balance

There are two major factors that cause the vibration of the press: one is that the elastic force in the process of contact between the slider and the mold when the stamping is unfolded makes the mechanism vibrate; the other is that the inertia of the main transmission mechanism is in an unbalanced state. The resulting vibration of the whole machine. For those high-precision fine blanking machines, because of their high anti-stamping process and the existence of three-way stress, the elastic force in the stamping process can be quickly released, which will greatly reduce their vibration and achieve During vibration control, the vibration caused by some fixed factors cannot be effectively controlled. When this phenomenon occurs, the unbalanced inertial force of the transmission mechanism can be selected to reduce the vibration, so as to better control the vibration.

The dynamic mechanical balance of the mechanism can be divided into comprehensive balance, overall balance and partial balance. Due to the existence of the slider moving pair of the main transmission mechanism, the vibration moment cannot be well balanced in many cases. Therefore, in order to ensure its stability, it should be continuously. To improve the configuration of its mass, this method will inevitably increase the complexity of the mechanism and reduce its use time. Therefore, reducing the exciting force by optimizing the dynamic balance has a very significant effect, but it is worth noting that in the process of reducing The optimization and balance work should be done well, and the excitation force and excitation torque should be reduced as much as possible.

To sum up, in order to improve the service life of the equipment, the violent vibration caused by the high-speed fine blanking machine should be avoided, and its large-scale vibration performance is not conducive to improving the processing accuracy. The important factors of vibration of the machine should be well balanced and optimized.

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