What Are the Characteristics of Precision Blanking?

Precision blanking processing is a method of plastic processing using a press plate and a counter pressure to constrain the material by reducing the gap between the punch and die. Compared with general punching, it can achieve smooth shear surfaces and precise right angles. The reason why precision blanking press machines have received such high attention and wide popularity is the huge potential inherent in their basic principles.

Precision blanking press machines have smooth shear surfaces and precise right angles

They can achieve precision blanking in micron units that cannot be achieved by general stamping. The shear surface is smooth and requires no post-processing.

Precision blanking press machines rationalize, save resources, and reduce costs

Nowadays, this technology has not only undergone various designs and improvements, but also been supported by surrounding technologies and constantly upgraded. It can not only improve the quality and performance of finished products, but also play a role in rationalizing processing processes, saving resources, and reducing costs. It is a very outstanding technology.

Precision blanking press machines ensure quality through strict product inspection

From the stamping process to product delivery, the quality assurance department insists on implementing consistent quality inspections. In order to deliver products in a fully satisfying state with the required performance and appropriate standards, a complete quality management system has been established.

The products that have completed all processes will undergo rigorous inspection by the manufacturer's shipping inspection department. In addition to visual inspection, dedicated inspection machines will also be used for thorough product inspection, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products only.

Unique technology is used to implement precision blanking press machine mold design

Based on unique design ideas, various processes from mold design to stamping forming production are constantly upgraded. Emphasizing product accuracy, a design and production method that ensures rigidity is used. The precision blanking press machine uses a unique system to track processes quickly and accurately and grasp progress. From the stamping process to product delivery, and even to post-delivery traceability, the company's production management department will be fully responsible.

The quality assurance department is completely independent of the production department, and implements practical management and operation of the quality assurance program for the entire process from receiving orders to delivering products. In particular, a quality assurance system has been established to ensure the delivery of high-quality products that satisfy customers. With the strong processing line of precision blanking press machines, which fully utilizes the experience in precision production technology, in today's modern world where few products have high value-added and are readily available, it is necessary to meet market demands with various molds and their forming components for various purposes.

Boya company can provide various products to customers based on rich experience, technology, and consistent management system in precision blanking press machine processing accumulated over many years.

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