The Structure and Performance Advantages of Fine Blanking Machine

Hydraulic punching machines are widely used, but due to design reasons, traditional hydraulic punching machines have small adjustment range, poor frame rigidity, low guiding precision, slow working speed of the main cylinder, and cannot provide stable back pressure and blank holder force. This also determines that this type of punch is only suitable for extensive stamping production. It's just that many processing and manufacturing fields currently require higher shaping and shearing accuracy. At this time, there are rigid requirements for processing equipment such as hydraulic punching machines. In order to meet this processing demand, Precision Machinery has developed and produced fine blanking machines on the basis of traditional hydraulic punching machines.

Ⅰ. Fine blanking is a general term for high precision blanking

The fine blanking process begins with the accuracy requirements for the smoothness of the blanking surface of stamping parts. It was first applied to the blanking and punching of thin material planar parts in the instrumentation equipment manufacturing industry. Now it is more and more combined with other The cold forming processing technology is closely combined and widely used in various industrial production industries, especially the intelligent and complicated parts that are processed and formed by thick steel plates and cold coil materials required by the automobile industry. Compared with ordinary stamped steel parts, the quality of fine blanking parts has obvious advantages, such as smooth blanking surface, high specification accuracy and high flatness. After mirror processing, the assembly line can be started directly, without the cutting, grinding, and straightening processes required after ordinary stamping, which saves a lot of investment in auxiliary equipment and human resources, manpower and material resources, operating costs, etc., not only improves the productivity, but more importantly, prevents the accuracy damage of each process, and ensures the repeated accuracy and manufacturing reliability of mass-produced parts.

Ⅱ. The fine blanking machine is a fully hydraulic transmission structure

The frame of the fuselage adopts a one-piece welded structure to improve the overall rigidity. The upper cylinder is installed on the edge cylinder seat of the fuselage. up and down position. The two slider-shaped guide rails in the lower cylinder of the main working plunger of the punch press are made of high-density alloy casting and have a small gap with the plunger. The back pressure cylinder is set in the main working plunger to provide the back pressure required for punching. There is a mold protection device in the lower workbench of the punch press which is linked with the mold protection device of the workbench of the punch press, and is also used as a material return monitoring switch. The stroke adjustment device of the fine blanking machine adopts a unique worm gear structure, which has a self-locking function, which improves the adjustment accuracy and ensures the accuracy of repeated positioning.

Ⅲ. The fine blanking machine has several performance advantages

1. The fine blanking machine can provide blanking force, blank holder force and counter pressure at the same time, and the three forces can be adjusted steplessly independently, and the blank holder system can relieve pressure in two stages during blanking.

2. Fine blanking speed is adjustable.

3. The stroke speed of the punch slider meets the requirements of fast closing, slow punching and fast return.

4. The main work of the punching machine has high guiding precision and rigidity.

5. The adjustment of the closing height of the punch press has high repeatability and precise indication of the closing height.

6. The punch bed has strong rigidity.

7. The fine blanking machine has a reliable double mold protection device, which maximizes the safety of stamping production.

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