Drum Fly Shear for Cold Rolling Mill

Drum Fly Shear for Cold Rolling Mill

Drum flying shears are used at the exit of various continuous cold rolling mills for strips to realize dynamic sub-coiling. During the shearing process, the upper and lower drums of the flying shears make circular motions, and the shear blades installed in the drums perform shearing motion with the rotation of the drums to cut the strip. The flying shear can automatically or manually adjust the side clearance of the cutting blade through the adjustment device to meet the cutting needs of different specifications of strip steel.

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Application Scope of Drum Fly Shear for Cold Rolling Mill

This type of drum flying shear is suitable for pickling mill combined group, full continuous cold rolling group, used for dynamic slitting of strip steel, and also used for strip head and tail cutting, according to the set coil weight, and according to the set length Cut to length and accident cutting.


Strip thickness

Strip width

Tensile strength

Shear rate

carbon steel, stainless steel





Structure Advantage of Drum Fly Shear for Cold Rolling Mill

  • Roller-type shearing blade arrangement and helical gear anti-backlash mechanism at the same time can greatly improve the accuracy and stability of the equipment.

  • According to the technological requirements, the cutters can be arranged with single or double cutting edges and straight cutting edges or oblique cutting edges.

  • According to different strip thickness and strength, the cutting blade gap can be adjusted automatically or manually to improve the cutting quality and tool life.

  • Electromechanical and hydraulic control integrated products, equipped with reliable Siemens control system and optimized process adjustment template, can effectively ensure stable product quality.

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