Precision Leveler Unit

Precision Leveler Unit

The main function of BOYA 23-roller precision leveler: as the finishing equipment of strip, under the joint action of tension and roller system, the strip can be stretched, bent and straightened, so that the strip can produce certain elastic-plastic deformation, thus improving the defects of wave shape, buckling and other defects of strip and improving the quality of strip shape.

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Tension Leveler For Tinning Line Assembly & Operation Manual PDF

Main characteristics of equipment:

  • The frame has enough rigidity and strength, the whole machine has high precision.

  • Installation, maintenance, debugging are very convenient.

  • Magnetostrictive displacement sensors are installed on the operating side and driving side of the frame, through which the precision of roll gap adjustment is detected and displayed.

  • On the drive side of the frame is equipped with the top roll system deflection motor and absolute encoder, which can accurately detect and display the upper roll system opening size;

  • The bottom working roll is driven by a deceleration motor, and the displacement of the wedge iron is detected by a linear displacement sensor. The detection accuracy is high and the detection data is reliable.

  • The roller change device has the advantages of simple structure, easy, fast, stable and safe to pull out and push the roller system from the frame by hand mechanism, lead screw.

  • The backup roller is lubricated by one-time grease lubrication.  This kind of support roller will be filled with lubricating grease when assemble, no need fill grease in normal use.

Details of Precision Leveler Unit

The precision leveler is equipped with a set of 23 rollers system, including top roller system and bottom roller system;  The top roll is 11 rolls, the lower roll is 12 rolls; The top roll system can lift up and down, swing left and right and tilt forward and backward; The bottom roll system is equipped with 5 groups of wedges, which can change the crown of the work roll according to requirement.

The meshing value of upper and lower work rolls is generally set in the way of large entrance and small exits. Through 23 work rollers, the strip is bent and deformed repeatedly, which can not only produce the elongation required by the process, but also get the shape quality with higher flatness, and eliminate the internal stress of the strip. In this way, not only the surface quality of the strip is improved, but also the deep drawing is improved.

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