Side Trimmer for Pickling Line

Side Trimmer for Pickling Line

The Trimmer for pickling line provided by BOYA adopts high-quality blades and precise hydraulic system, which greatly improves the processing performance and control accuracy. Before leaving the factory, our products are strictly debugged to ensure that Its best state is presented to our customers.

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Application Scope of Side Trimmer For Pickling Line


Strip thickness

Strip width

Tensile strength

Shear rate

High-strength steel and normal carbon steel





Structure Advantage of Side Trimmer For Pickling Line

  • The single-side shearing knife box of the disc shears is for one use and one preparation and can be quickly switched through the rotary mode in order that the unit can quickly change the tool without stopping the machine.

  • The disc cutter is equipped with a tool change and maintenance platform, which can realize online tool change and maintenance of the spare tool box.

  • The end face grinding method is adopted the disc knife , the hydraulic nut is locked, the upper knife adopts the front rigid positioning, and the lower knife adopts the rear rigid positioning, which can greatly improve the convenience of equipment operation and maintenance and reduce the ineffective consumption of spare parts.

  • Electromechanical and hydraulic control integrated products, equipped with reliable Siemens control system and optimized process adjustment template, can effectively ensure stable product quality.

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