Non-ferrous Tension Leveler for Aluminum Process Line

Non-ferrous Tension Leveler for Aluminum Process Line

Aluminum tension leveler has two difficult points: The soft material surface is easy to stick aluminum powder and cause scratch; Hard material is easy to appear vibration marks. BOYA Company continues to summarize aluminum sheet leveling experience, and formed a unique aluminum straightening technology. Equipment has good rigidity and stability; Roll system rotate smoothly; Equipped with spray system, and the spray system is adjustable according to actual requirement.

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Application Scope of Non-ferrous Tension Leveler for Aluminum Process Line


Strip Thickness

Strip Width

Yield Strength

Leveling Speed

Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy





Structure Advantage of Non-ferrous Tension Leveler for Aluminum Process Line

  • Equipped with two sets bending units and two sets of leveling units, can effectively improve the plate type, C bending and L bending, two sets of bending units can also be used as one use / one standby according to the incoming material condition and process requirements.

  • The frame is an assembly part, and each part is annealed separately to eliminate participating stress and ensure the frame is not deformed in long-term use. At the same time, it also provides convenience for later maintenance.

  • The roll change device is safe and convenient. It is driven by hydraulic pressure. One or all of the cassettes can be replaced at one time or individually, roll can change on line.

  • The top roll system can be opened quickly to prevent the rolls being damaged. The bottom roll system is used for improving the version by adjusting the insertion amount of the lifter. The ball cage coupling is used to connect the driving motor, the lifter and the detection encoder to facilitate the flexible adjustment and maintenance.

  • Equipped with atomizing spray device to clean the surface and roller surface to ensure the surface quality of the strip.

  • The working roll and the middle roll are preloaded with spring, and the backup roll is constructed with low resistance, which can effectively avoid the surface abrasion and roll marks.

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