Backup Roll for CRM

Backup Roll for CRM

The cold rolling back up rolls are widely used in the steel industry in various types of straightening equipment in the galvanizing line, tin-plating line, rewinding line, continuous rewinding line, scale breaking line, and other process sections for rotational support and load-bearing purposes. The rolls are designed to meet the requirements of different working conditions in terms of structure, load-bearing capacity, precision, wear resistance, starting torque and sealing.

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Application of Backup Roll for CRM

Cold rolling back up roll is widely used in cold rolling leveling equipment.Generally, multiple sets of back up roll are used to support a group of intermediate rolls and work rolls.Therefore, the consistency of the outer diameter and H value of the back up roll is required.

According to different working conditions, the requirements of the back up roll are different.For example, scale breaker is mainly concerned with bearing capacity and sealing;Tinning  line is mainly concerned with rotation flexibility and lubrication effect and so on.

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