Insurance and Protection Requirements for Precision Leveler

For metal workpieces, leveling can be said to be an indispensable and important process. Now, whether it is daily necessities or industrial parts, the precision and structural strength requirements of metal workpieces are relatively high. In this case, it is very important to use a precision leveller in order to maintain a good quality of the technical workpiece. However, the precision leveler is not ordinary mechanical, but large-scale industrial processing equipment, and sometimes it is quite dangerous to use. Next, BOYA will introduce to you the insurance and protection requirements of precision leveler. The insurance and protection requirements of the precision leveler are as follows:

(1) There are exposed rotating parts on the precision sheet leveller, which has the risk of hurting people. For example, the leveling roller device on the precision leveler. In order to ensure that the operator will not be affected when using it, a detachable maintenance cover needs to be installed to ensure that a certain distance is maintained between the operator and the exposed device.

(2) Electric leakage and electric shock may also occur during the operation of the precision sheet leveller. When running the precision leveler, make sure that the power supply of the risk circuit mechanism of the precision leveler is cut off, and an interlocking electrical protection system is installed in the risk work area.

(3) A special circuit protector should be installed inside the precision leveling equipment. For example, overload protection devices, overcurrent protection devices and short-circuit protection devices, etc., ensure that the precision leveler can be sufficiently stable during operation.

(4) Ensure that the cleanliness of the surrounding working environment of the precision sheet leveller. Try not to stack too many things around the precision leveler, and try to remove dust from the surrounding air before working to maintain good air quality.

In order to ensure that accidents do not occur as much as possible, we still need to understand the above insurance and protection requirements. The probability of accidents is still relatively high for many people who do not pay attention to the use of precision levelers. When we use the precision leveler, we must ensure that the precision leveler has a good working condition, and then ensure that its safety protection device operates reliably, and also pay attention to strictly follow the operating procedures during the operation process. You can take a look at the products of BOYA products if you want to purchase and introduce a precision automatic leveler, we assure you of your satisfaction.

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