Lee Wenxi Donated 40 Millions to Fabricate “ Elderly Paradise”

A party was held on November 19th in the daily caring center of Chaling prefecture, Yaolu town,the southeast village. There were about a hundred of the aged gathered in the capacious and bright hall to enjoy a fancy dinner.

Such kind of parties will be held on the first and the fifteenth day of the lunar calender in the southeast village, which continues for three years. Once said to the daily care center in this village, people who live here highly praise Lee wenxi because of his donation to the construction and operation of this caring center.


The construction of center originated from returning home to worship ancestors.

During the Spring Festival 2017, Lee’s family of southeast village launched a worship ancestor activity as previous years. When Lee was a child, he relocated in Dongshan village with his elder generation. And Lee wenxi, a chairman of the Hubei Xiangyang Boya Precision Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd. , returned home to participate in this ritual activity.

Due to Lee’s ancestral hall was destructed by a flood in 1990s, which still not be repaired. Therefore, his elder relatives suggested that younger generation could donate to construct the ancestral hall.

“ I am one of the party members, I am also a person of Lee family. It is my obligation and responsibility to repay my hometown. And I think we can construct a daily caring center rather than an ancestral hall, which can be beneficial to more elders, thus I am honor to donate.” Lee wenxi expressed his thought,when he faced the persuasion of the tribe .

Do as promised, Lee wenxi donated the first batch of capital about 2000000 RMB in 2018. From that, the southeast village started to establish “ Filial piety and morality Lee’s ancestral hall” which planned to cover an area of 1000 square meters. In the following two years, President Lee donate the additional capital of 500000 RMB individually.

Although it was said to a “ Filial piety and morality Lee’s ancestral hall” , actually it is a place of daily caring center in this village. Such center was put into use in September 2019 which applied to all people who are older than 60 years old in the middle and lower area in southeast village. In order to the center services for the elders freely, president Lee donates more than 200000 RMB each year for the daily operation and maintenance.

Daily caring center incarnate as ‘elderly paradise’

The first thing that heaves in sight is an archaic red lacquered door with a plaque on it says ‘ Filial piety and morality Lee’s ancestral hall’ when entering into the daily caring center. What we can see is that the whole center was divided into two levels quadrangle dwellings by a folding screen after passing through the gate. And then we can feel a massive historical sense.

The center’s left side of front yard is an elderly association office and multimedia function room in which with projector, audio, computer, LCD TV and everything. While the right side is a classroom of university for the elderly where is filled in tables and chairs. And there are various kinds of books in the bookcase behind the classroom. After we walked across the folding screen, a capacious square appeared which paved the marbles with full of anti-slip pattern and decorated the flowerbeds and tubs. The both right and left sides of the square are applied to the berth room, chess room and billiards room to relaxation and entertainment. At the front of the square, a banquet hall is quaint decorated by a red lacquered round table, a rattan chair and Lotus lamps. The left of hall is a spacious kitchen.

“I often play with my friend in this center such as playing billiards, playing chess and sunbathing on a good day. And life is comfortable. My son used to want to pick me up to Changsha, but I refused.” an old man Lee wenchao whose face was full of smile talked about his elderly life in village.

Tan guixiang, the general secrecy of southeast village, said that daily caring center adopted the old more than 60. The more glorious the weather is, the more old people come. The center hire dedicated person to serve for them and irregularly organize the billiards match, KTV for the elderly and so on. This center is lively everyday and like an elderly paradise.

Filial piety and love family have become a new fashion in this village

There are two honor lists catching the journalist’s eyes on the right wall of the front yard, the list has the photos and amounts of donors at the time of the establishment of the center. Except for president Lee, there are 100 villagers to donate, while the amount varies with more than tens of thousands.

“It is my originality to reciprocate the society and my hometown when I start my business, I wish that my charity will spur more and more people to help, to love and to serve . President Lee told to the journalist by phone. He have insisted on welfare and charity for past many years. And he was selected as the assistant president of Hubei Guangcai Career Promotion association. Besides the daily caring center , President Lee donated successively for building roads of the southeast village, Dongshan village and even the Yaolu town. He also donated for the Hunan education foundation and designated that the donation was used for the education of Chaling.

The charity of Lee stimulates the villagers, therefore, the country civilization is better and the sense of filial piety and love family is thicker.

“Recently, the evolution of the southeast village’s civility promoted the basic facility construction and improved the environment of human settlement etc. The rich villagers provide money and the stalwart villagers contribute their effort, all of them are united.” said by Luo sihai who expected that more fellow-townsmen could reciprocate hometown and help rural revitalization.

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