Introduction to Rotary Shear

Rotary shear is a crucial device used in metallurgical plant continuous or semi-continuous production line, and its main function is to cut the two sides of the strip steel irregular hair edges so that the shape of the strip steel meets the requirements of the product.

1. The composition and working principle of the rotary shear

The rotary shear mainly consists of base left and right clamping table and left and right frame. The left and right frames are on the left and right clamping table and can be driven by the hydraulic motor to rotate 180 °, the left and right clamping table by the hydraulic cylinder by the electro-hydraulic proportional valve to adjust the separation or together. When the opening of the rotary shear is adjusted, the jaws are clamped on the base under the action of the clamping cylinder. After the position of the rotary frame is determined, the positioning cylinder will clamp the sliding cross rail on the base, so that it is fixed constantly. Two shear shafts were installed in parallel in the rack, cantilevered end equipped with a shear blade and knife plate, by the hydraulic nut pin tight, two shafts were installed in the eccentric sleeve through the rolling bearing, the lower shaft axial can not be tampered with, on the shear shaft can be adjusted by adjusting the nut axial movement, used to adjust the side clearance of the upper and lower shear blade. Two eccentric sleeve ends are equipped with mutual occlusion of the gear, and the upper part of the rack worm gear connected, and the overlap of the upper and lower shear blade is adjustable. The lower part of the frame is equipped with a large gear, and the frame is inserted on the spindle of the clamping table, the large gear has been meshed with the lower gear on the clamping table, and the small gear is driven by the hydraulic motor.

2. Factors that affect the quality of the rotary shear edges

The main factors affecting the quality of the cutting edge of the rotary shear are the plate shape with steel, the pre-shear correction device of the rotary shear, the influence of the reference point of the parameter set by the rotary shear, the width of the thickness of the strip, the hardness of the cutting edge, wear resistance and so on.

Reference article: Paper Gap Adjustment and Control of Rotary Shear

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