Basic Requirements of the Fine Blanking Process for the Fine Blanking Machine

Fine blanking press is a special press specially designed and manufactured to complete fine blanking process and fine blanking composite process. It must meet the following basic requirements of fine blanking process

1. Fine blanking machine provides blanking force, blank holder force and back pressure at the same time

The process of fine blanking is carried out under the simultaneous action of blank holder force, back pressure and blanking force. The size of the fine blanking process requires three force ratio is roughly 10/3.5/3, the blank-holder force back pressure depending on the specific parts of fine blanking process needs stepless adjustable alone. In addition, it also requires some level with and without adjustable blank holder system dump device, fine blanking at the beginning of the first in the blank-holder force under the action of v-shaped ring blank holder pressure into play, realize the pressure side. The press releases pressure automatically to the preset blank holder pressure, and then blanking, so as to give full play to the capacity of the equipment. After finishing the return of the slider, the press can not synchronously provide unloading force and top force, so that the blank holder ring and the back pressure plate reset at the same time discharge waste from the punch and from the top of the concave die.

2. Fine blanking machine blanking speed is adjustable

In the process of fine blanking, the heat generated by the plastic deformation of the material and the friction between the cutting edge of the punching parts and the new surface of the material is inevitable. The thicker the material, the higher the strength and the worse the lubrication condition, the greater the heat generated. In order to avoid the instantaneous temperature rise of the cutting edge is too high, the lubrication condition needs to be improved on the one hand, and the blanking speed is required to be limited on the other hand. However, limiting the blanking speed will directly affect the production efficiency of the equipment. In order to solve the above contradiction, the blanking speed of fine blanking machine is required to be stepless adjustable in the specified range, in order to meet the needs of different blanking thickness and different blanking difficulty. Thin material and low difficulty of blanking parts can be selected at a higher blanking speed, with the increase of thickness, strength and blanking difficulty of parts, should be selected at a lower blanking speed.

3. Fine blanking machine slider travel speed change to meet the requirements of fast closure, slow blanking and fast return

The stroke times of press represent its productivity and are the most important technical performance parameters of equipment. In order to meet the speed limit of the process and meet the requirements of improving the productivity of the equipment, it is necessary to speed up the speed of the air travel as much as possible while limiting the blanking speed. Therefore, the stroke curve of the slider is required to have the characteristics of fast closure, slow blanking and fast return.

4. Fine blanking machine sealing group height repetition precision is high, there are accurate sealing group height indication

Punch die is not allowed to enter the concave die after fine punching due to the small clearance of the cutting parts. Otherwise, the burr height of the workpiece will be increased and the die life will be reduced. In order to ensure that the workpiece can be washed down from the strip and not make the punch into the concave die, the press is required not only to have a high closed high repetition accuracy, but also to achieve no material in the monitoring of the press.

5. Fine blanking machine body performs well in terms of rigidity

The rigidity requirements of fine blanking press are particularly good, so that the fuselage has enough mass to absorb reaction forces, surge pressure and all vibration. The body adopts closed structure to avoid the deflection displacement of the body of ordinary open press.

6. Fine blanking machine has a reliable mold protection device

Fine blanking press has basically realized single automatic, automatic blanking must have mold protection, when the workpiece or waste left in the mold space, it can automatically monitor the press to stop so as to avoid damage to the workpiece, mold and press.

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