Application of Scale Breaker in Continuous Pickling Unit

Stretch bending straightening technology is widely used in cold-rolled strip production lines. In the continuous pickling line unit, the pickling population adopts a large tension stretch to bend straightening machine (phosphorus-breaking stretch straightening machine). The hot-rolled strip produces plastic deformation under the combined action of stretching and continuous alternating bending, eliminating the three-dimensional shape defects such as waves, warpage, buckling, and poor shape of the coiled strip, so that the strip can obtain the required Elongation and good plate shape.

1. The working principles of the scale breaker

The scale breaker is a device that produces plastic extension under the combined action of stretching and continuous alternating bending, to obtain a better correction effect. There are two sets of tension mixers on the inlet and outlet sides of the tension leveler, so that the tension is stable and the fluctuation is reduced. The tension of the strip is amplified under the action of the tension rod group, and the form of the stretch-bending straightening machine is two groups of bending straightening devices. The strip is subjected to alternating deformation in the bending deformation zone of the first stage, so that each part of the strip obtains uniformly distributed residual deformation, and the residual deformation disappears in the second stage of straightening, so that various three-dimensional plate shape defects are corrected and improved Mechanical properties of the strip.

2. The adjustment of the scale breaker

When the strip is straightened, the strip is firstly extended permanently on the two sets of bending wheels, and then the two sets of straightening sticks eliminate the residual curvature of the strip caused by bending. Strip extension is formed by the combination of bending and stretching tension. By repeatedly bending and stretching the strip, various plate-shaped defects of the strip can be eliminated. And the tension is provided by the front and rear tension wheel devices, and the bending and straightening devices are formed by overlapping upper and lower sets of series.

When the strip steel passes freely or the welding seam passes freely, the hydraulic cylinder of the upper rod group can be quickly opened, and the plane is separated from the strip steel passing line to ensure that the strip steel does not contact with the bending and straightening working sticks and protect the working sticks. Different strips require different pressing amounts, and the adjustment of the pressing amount depends on the screw jack of the series. When a large amount of pressing is required, adjust the spiral elevator of the bending and straightening group to extend the required height upward. The adjustment of the screw elevator is completed by the motor, and the encoder realizes the precise control of its position, and each rod system can be adjusted individually.

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