Technical Development of Fine Blanking Machine

The development and ownership of fine blanking equipment is a sign of the ability to realize the fine blanking process. At present, the fine blanking machines in the world are mainly concentrated in developed countries such as Europe, North America, and Japan. At present, sophisticated product quality is the development direction of the manufacturing industry. With the expansion of the scope of use, there are more and more fine-blanking parts with large thicknesses and complex shapes and sizes. The fine blanking machine is required to fully meet the processing needs, which has pointed out the following development directions for fine blanking machines.

1. The scale of the fine blanking machine is getting higher and higher

With the rapid development of high-consumption industries such as automobiles, the market for fine blanking parts with the largest thickness is optimistic. Therefore, the fine blanking machine can only adapt to the blanking of more thick plate parts by developing towards a higher tonnage.

2. The precision and efficiency of the fine blanking machine should be high

Products with high precision and high efficiency are always the tireless pursuit of the manufacturing industry. Quality is the life of an enterprise. Only high-quality products can be favored by customers. Efficiency is the guarantee of an enterprise's survival. Only by improving efficiency and reducing costs can we survive and develop in the competition. This requires the fine blanking machine to have good blanking performance and high control on the precision.

3. The fine blanking machine effectively saves energy and protects the environment

From the 1970s to the early 1980s, there were two energy crises worldwide. The voice of saving energy is getting louder and louder. The fine blanking machine should be developed towards low energy consumption. In today's people-oriented society, the green and environmental protection of the manufacturing industry must ensure no noise and no pollution.

4. Development of a new type of fine blanking machine

The development of a new fine blanking process is suitable for the fine blanking process and composite fine blanking process of blanks with low plastic or large thickness. And it requires the development of new fine blanking machines to meet various new processes.

With the development of the economy, fine blanking machine technology will be more and more widely used. The fine blanking machine is also constantly being developed and perfected, which promotes the development of fine blanking technology. We believe that the development of fine blanking machines will make fine blanking technology a part of the manufacturing industry. And with its irreplaceable advantages of less and no cutting fine finishing, it will play a greater role in the future society.

BOYA Precision Industrial Equipments Co., Ltd has good product stability and reliability enjoys a high degree of automation, high production efficiency, simple operation and is ergonomic. It provides localized high-end intelligent fine-blanking equipment and improves fine-blanking production capacity. After years of research and development, design, and manufacturing, 320-ton, 630-ton, and 700-ton hydraulic fine blanking machines have been successfully put into operation.                    

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