Structures and Driving Methods of the Roll Coating Machine

The full name of roller coater is roller coating machine. A device that applies a certain amount of paint to a flat material by means of more than one set of rotating rollers. Change the pressure between two rollers, this device can adjust the thickness of coating. Typical roller coater press roller coater (gravure printing roller coater) positive and reverse roller coater, etc. In addition with small diameter coating roller instead of coating scraper coating machine also known as roller coating machine. Roll coating machine is mainly composed of coating mechanism and steering support mechanism.

1. Coating mechanism of the roller coating machine

Coating mechanism of roller coating machine  is also known as the coating head, which is composed of a feeding roller, a coating roller and a coating plate. This form is usually called the two-roller type. The function of the feeding roller is to get the coating from the coating plate, and transfer the coating to the coating roller, the coating roller is to apply the coating on the surface of the coil. Each roller is equipped with a adjusting device, which can adjust the clearance and pressure between the roller, so as to obtain the required amount of coating. When the machine stops and the coil joint passes through, the front coating roller can be automatically separated from the coil by automatic adjustment device to protect the coating roller from damage.

The difference between the three-roller type coating head and the two-roller type is that a regulating roller is added. The clearance between the adjusting roller and the taking roller can be adjusted to adjust the wet film thickness. Roller coater with higher production speed is often provided with two coating heads, two coating heads are provided in the front of the coil, the purpose of setting two coating heads is to quickly replace the coating and coating roller.

2. Steering and supporting mechanism of roller coating machine

The steering and supporting mechanism is composed of steering roller, supporting roller and top supporting roller. The turning roller will turn the coil at 180℃, so that the coil input support roller is at an appropriate angle. Support roller is in coating, support coil to accept the front coating. The top supporting roller is to support the roll and the back of the coated head between the top supporting role, through the adjustment mechanism to adjust the top supporting distance, can adjust the amount of coating on the back of the coil, when the machine and the coil joint through, with the help of automatic adjustment device, the top of the roll from the back of the coated roller, protect the coated roller from damage.

3. Driving mode of the roller coating machine

The drive of roller coating machine is divided into two ways: collective drive and single roll drive. Collective drive means that all the rollers of the roller coating machine are driven by a motor, which is not easy to change the technological parameters. Single roller drive is equipped with a special DC motor for each roller, which can arbitrarily change the direction of rotation and speed, easy to change the technological parameters.

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