Non-ferrous Backup Roll

Non-ferrous Backup Roll

Non-ferrous back up rollers are used in non-ferrous strip straightening equipment. In order to ensure the quality of the strip, the working rolls, intermediate rolls and back up rolls on the equipment are generally sprayed and cleaned during the straightening of the strip. Due to the softness of the non-ferrous metal, roll marks and scratches can easily appear during the straightening process. In order to guarantee the quality of the strip straightening, high requirements are placed on the starting torque of the back up rollers, the wear resistance of the roll surface, the sealing, and the rotational accuracy.

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Application of Non-ferrous Backup Roll

  1. The back up roll supports the work roller to ensure high stiffness and small deformation of the work roller. Therefore, the back up roll should have good stiffness.

  2. During working period, backup roll, work roll and intermediate roll are contact directly, easy to produce work hardening phenomenon, when overload, a local yield that the hardened layer at the bottom of the micro cracks produced subcutaneous, micro crack propagation resulting in roll spalling, which requires the backup roll has high contact fatigue strength, the reasonable stress state and the crack extension resistance.

  3. The middle of the back up roll will be concave due to wear, and the contact stress at both ends of the roll body increases sharply, which leads to spalling. Therefore, it is required that the work roll has good wear resistance, in order to delay and reduce the formation of the concave roll.

  4. The service cycle of the supporting roller is long, and the roller neck bears the alternating bending stress for a long time. In order to prevent the fracture of the roll neck, the roll neck is required to have good yield strength, toughness and fracture resistance.

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