Not afraid of severe cold and contribution to the success with overtime work

-Recording Fineblanking team work at Spring Festival

Fearless of the cold weather in Spring Festival, workers sacrifice their holiday in order to achieve the success.

With the atmosphere of New Year, everyone gathered with families. While the A1 factory of fineblanking division were full of workers who work hard, all members of fineblanking assembly team were give up their holiday to finish the reconstruction project of Henan Xingguang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd in advance.

The project had planned to complete after New Year holiday, because of COVID-19 spreading, the need of products increased. The upper grade customers of Henan Xingguang still manufactured product lines during Spring festival, so the orders of it surged sharply. Thus the leader of Henan Xingguang connected our manager positively, and wanted to short the duration of produce. And the leader provides two solutions: the first is undertaking partial capacity by Boya fineblanking division , and then accelerating the debugging time of reconstruction and upgrade equipment. Based on our company conception, we will satisfy our customer’s reasonable requirements. And our manager hold a meeting to motivate staff’s emotion, on the one hand, arranging people to do a well job of undertaking production capacity, on the other hand, rearranging a production plan st the time of upgrading reconstruction equipment. Which will assure that we can delivery the goods to Henan Xingguang before 6th January.

Considering the combination of epidemic and delivery,Henan Xingguang ultimately accepts the acceleration of upgrading reconstructive progress of the fine blanking machine. At the critical moment, staff of Boya fineblanking division express a selfless belief, which bring a warm sense to everyone in this cold winter. And someone married in this year who wanted to accompany with their families and someone who far away from their home wanted to back, someone ordered tickets to travel. Otherwise, when they heard our customers have demands,they adjusted their journey and devoted themselves in work immediately.

At meantime, they no longer cared about personal gains and losses, not feared the severe cold and finally completed debugging, continuous punching, perfect equipment and equipment touch-paint etc before 28th of the twelfth lunar month. After a short rest, members of assembly team returned to his position in the fourth day of the first lunar month. Then they packaged categorically, remarked wire, protected pipeline, cleaned gas station, sorted out delivery documents and loaded to equipment. Therefore, we delivery the equipment effectively to the customer’s factory at sight. The day the devices arrived, people of Boya posed all devices in right place regardless of tiredness. And they went through a week to install, debug which ultimately made equipment achieved the requirements of using.

At the beginning of year, everything is already. I believe we will take the first year of listed as an opportunity, starting a high-quality development with the aim of strengthen brand, seeking improvement in stability, creating without pollution and co-construction and sharing.


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