Boya Had Completed Pangang(Ansteel Group) Vanadium Cold Rolling Mill Pickling Line Scale Breaker Annual Overhaul Project Ahead Of Schedule

On 15th December 2021, with the first trial coil came out in Pangang vanadium picking line, marks the unit annual technical renovation work had successfully finished 7 days ahead of the planned schedule, which will effectively improve the production efficiency ,yield and product quality of this pickling line.

This time Pangang annual technical overhauling project mainly includes pickling line laser welder, tension leveler, and acid entry loop repair. BOYA undertook the revamping work for scale breaker which supply scope includes the rework for bridle roll unit, air suction and dusty remove facility as well as the electrical control system.

We adopted two bending and one leveling scale breaker with key technology and core value point is: the company's rich process control experience, integration of pickling section control process, independent research and development of standardized control process model, which are much better apply to scale breaker revamping project;

Adopting shallow acid tank sag control technology, the equipment has fast response and good stability; The bridle roller is equipped with the individual inverter and encoder to control motor, has better speed, tension, load distribution, elongation accuracy; After the tension bridle rolls surface are grinded, the inconsistent rolls diameter will not cause any strip slip, which effectively increases the service life of the rolls and improves the quality of the strip surface.  Using the public DC bus scheme, the tension roller group at the entrance of the scale breaker unit is in the state of power generation during production, which can save more than 40% of electric energy.  

Its advantages are: good rigidity, work stable, high precision, easy maintenance;  Equipped with two pairs of bending roll cassettes which can be used at the same time, also can one be used one is standby;  The horizontal bending of the strip can be corrected by working with the lower leveling roll and the deflect roll.  The supporting block for installing the backup rolls adopts the arc grinding process that one-time forming to ensure the concentricity of the parts.  Backup roll are installed on the arc surface centering, roll cassette assembly precision is high; Roll change trolley is driven by oil cylinder and can pull out one or more (all) roll cassettes at same time. The top roll cassette can be turned over on the trolley for convenient change rolls.  

During the project implementation, BOYA service team fully carried forward the professional dedication spirit of charge, mission and struggle, closely cooperated with Pangang to give the solution, break the bottleneck and optimize the construction scheme actively; at last after 28 days hard work, BOYA successful completion of the revamping task, handed over a satisfactory answer sheet to customer, and obtained the praise from customer with fast work, high efficiency, good quality product.  


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