Inspection Line

Inspection Line

BOYA has rich achievements and experience in the automobile plate inspection line and deep research. in the strip surface quality control, strip inspection technology, strip side trimming quality control. The inspection line has the characteristics of a high degree of automation, good surface quality control and high side trimming quality.

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Details of Inspection Line

The recoiling inspection unit is used to perform operations such as slitting, trimming, sub-coiling, online defect inspection and oiling of galvanized automobile sheets, which can not only realize product surface quality monitoring, but also flexibly produce to improve the production efficiency of the galvanized unit. An important component for the production of galvanized automotive sheets. The unit consists of uncoiler, silver pinch at beginning, leveling machine, inlet side guide device, inlet slitting shear, stable pinching sliver, inspection station, side guidance device, correction sliver machine, chopper, oiling machine,outlet slitting, and it also composed of shears, exit side guide device, exit pinch sliver, coiling machine, coiling aid, and loading and unloading trolley. The decoiler is equipped with CPC centering device and the coiler is equipped with EPC edge alignment device.

Problems Might Occur In the Inspection Line

Different from the continuous production line, in the production of the recoiling inspection unit, it need frequent operations such as coiling, tailing, recoiling, winding and unloading. At the same time, due to the requirements of the inspection function, the re-coiling inspection unit cannot cause the product to lead new quality defects. In the actual process of production, the following quality problems will occur:

  1. The strip scratched. Scratches will affect the deep-drawing performance of automotive panels. High precision and high-quality galvanized automotive panels have strict regulations on clothing surface scratches. When performing a surface inspection on strip steel, it is necessary to identify whether the strip steel has surface defects in the pre-order galvanizing , and to judge in time that the defect is caused by the equipment problem of apricot galvanizing, so as to correct the pre-production then it can avoid defects and producing a large number of wast wrap.

  2. Coil shape of finished product exceeds the requirement. Coiling accuracy should be less than 3mm(uneven degree) used. No more than 6 mm for the first 5 and the last 3 turns of a coil, and no more than 1mm for the layer to layer misalignment of the coil.

  3. Off-centred trimming. The rewinding inspection unit is provided with a chopper which is used to cut both sides of the strip at the same time, to remove the out-of-tolerance zone of the plate shape and the irregular edge, and to adjust the product width specification.

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