The company successfully passed the annual supervision and audit of the comprehensive management system

(reporter  Zhou)From November 15 to 18, the expert group of Beijing EVER WIN Quality Certification Center conducted annual supervision and audit on the operation and implementation of the "three systems" of our company's comprehensive management of quality, environment, occupational health and safety. After four days of intense and orderly data review and on-site inspection, the experts of the audit team unanimously determined that the operation and management level of Boya company meets the standard requirements of the "three systems" certification of comprehensive management, and the "three certificates" qualification can be retained.


The annual audit starts from November 15. That morning, the audit team held its first meeting in conference room 313 of the company's headquarters. The meeting was presided over by general manager Zhou, the company's management representative, and general manager Li attended and spoke in person, Company executives and departments at home The person in charge (except the special decoration business department) attended the meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Chen Ren, the leader of the audit team, announced the specific arrangement and relevant requirements of the audit. Mr. Li of the company put forward clear instructions on paying close attention to the system audit. He pointed out that all departments should correct their ideological understanding, actively cooperate with the review, comprehensively display their work, fully expose problems, accept criticism with an open mind, and take this as an opportunity to make solid progress Focus on problem rectification and continuously improve system operation. At the same time, we should further improve our ideological position, plan to promote the construction and operation of the "three systems" of comprehensive management from a higher level according to the standard requirements of listed companies, earnestly grasp all management work more solidly and firmly, and constantly improve the company's standardized, standardized and refined management level.

After the first meeting, the three audit teachers immediately carried out the audit according to the established plan and task division, and successively interviewed the top management of the company and the person in charge of the system, Administrative center (administrative office, human resources department), financial department, quality management department, asset management center (asset management department, asset investment department, safety and environmental protection department), material control center (procurement department, material preparation workshop, storage department and heat treatment workshop) as well as functional departments, production workshops, warehouses and non production sites of fine equipment business department and parts business department, daily operation of three systems, implementation of leadership responsibilities, completion of target performance, product design and development, input of various resources, personnel education and training, equipment use and maintenance, production process management and key issues In terms of health safety prevention and control, we conducted in-depth and detailed inspection and audit item by item.

In the process of audit, all inspection departments can attach great importance to and cooperate closely, carefully prepare audit data and strictly standardize on-site management. Strictly standardize on-site management after receiving audit data. When receiving the inquiry and inspection of the audit teacher, he was able to answer the questions accurately and accurately, provide data vouchers in time, conduct extensive and in-depth communication and discussion with the evaluation teacher in time, actively seek guidance and help, carefully solicit opinions and suggestions, and harvest many useful improvement measures and methods, This will play a positive role for the company to continuously improve the operation and implementation of the comprehensive management system in the future.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the audit team reported the review conclusion at the final meeting, affirmed the operation and implementation of the "three systems" of the company's comprehensive management from the aspects of the company's strategic planning, resource investment, compliance awareness and responsibility implementation, and agreed that the "three systems" of the company's comprehensive management are sufficient, appropriate and effective. At the same time, three minor nonconformities are proposed, which are respectively related to annealing process specification, system document receiving and sending, security facility detection, etc., and the rectification is required to be completed within one month. Therefore, in his concluding speech, President Zhou stressed that all departments should take seriously the problems and suggestions put forward by the audit teachers, draw inferences from one instance, make comprehensive analysis, fully draw lessons from experience, formulate improvement measures in detail, timely and thoroughly carry out rectification, so as to ensure that the nonconformities are closed according to the time node and successfully obtain the "three systems" certification certificate.

The passing of this audit indicates that the "three systems" of the company's comprehensive management are becoming more mature and perfect, and have been highly praised by the certification authority! Next, on the basis of ensuring the effective operation of the system, the company will continuously improve the system through active publicity and implementation and internal audit, and organically combine it with the company's post listing business development and social responsibility performance, so as to achieve more remarkable management results.

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